Nov 13, 2009

Holiday Gift Ideas For Sewing

The holiday's are upon us - Thanksgiving is almost here. It's time to buy (or make) that something special for the people you love.

There's a lot of people wanting to learn the art of sewing these day's. Usually this time of year my classes slow down to where at least I can get some of my sewing in. My classes have been very busy (thank you). If you're looking for an easy gift idea for someone who wants to learn the art of sewing you can do a sewing theme. 
You can buy a Gift Certificate at Learn 2 Sew for sewing classes. You can buy them online and I can mail it to you or just stop by at the sewing center to pick one up.

Make a basket with a couple of patterns with the things needed to make the patterns (fabric, thread, zipper), add a few tools for sewing or as I like to call them implements of sewing construction. 

If you want to go way out and the person you love so much who doesn't have a sewing machine you can always buy them one. I have a post of what to look for in buying a sewing machine if you need help in that department.

I have people tell me all the time they dream about sewing. What better gift to give your loved one, the gift of their dreams.

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,


  1. Hey Cindy! :)
    Good ideas, thanks! How about a post on gifts to sew for friends and family? For Christmases past, I've made aprons, bathrobes and fabric purses. All of those things are nice because sizing is not too critical - you mostly just have to know the colors and types of prints that people like... I'm happy to hear that business is good! :)
    Take care,

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