Oct 25, 2009

Week in Review 10/25/2009 - 200 Blog Post

On June 6,2007 I started this blog. It's taken me that long to achieve 200 post. I read some blogs that could do 200 post in less than a year. I started off slow only posting 29 entries that year.

I now try to do at least 3 post a week: Sewing Over The Wire where I share sewing news I receive each week, Week in Review where I share what happened at the sewing center for the week and student projects, and a tutorial to give more information on what I teach in class or sharing information to share my thoughts and life.

I started this blog to share sewing projects and ideas with my students. It moved quickly as a tool for me to give more information to my students. I have "the notes" from the classes I teach on my blog. I found when I printed the notes for the students and asked if they read what I gave them a lot of the times the answer was no. This blog was a way for me to "go green". The thing is most of my readers aren't my students...go figure :)

We had a fun week at L2S. You would think with Halloween next weekend I would have a lot of people making costumes. I'm actually the only one who's made a costume. Since I've been open I've only had a few people come to class to make costumes. But....there were a lot of fun things made....

7 people took the machine class to learn how to use the sewing machine.
2 people came to cutting class cutting out 2 dresses; one for an adult and one for a child.
16 people attended sewing class making 3 handbags, gift bags, 5 dresses, pants, mans top and a few other projects that don't come to mind right now. It was a busy week.

One thing I like about working with many different people is the different styles. I love to see what people make, what fabric they pick and the design they have in mind. Things they put together I would never do and I'm in awe of that they make. I'm so proud of my students for having the desire to learn the art of sewing. It all begins with the desire... the desire never leaves. There's only been one time when I had someone bring in the same pattern and fabric. We do a lot of the same patterns in class. I think it's wild when the same fabric is used. What are the chances?

Then there are other students who possess so much patience. I'm a little jealous I don't have the time to make things like this. This kind of beading work you do while sitting on your sofa watching TV or listening music. My house would fall apart if I sat on the sofa that much. LOL There was a time in the days of my youth. I can only hope I have the time to sit for hours beading a beautiful bag like this. This student has a few more hand stitches to do before the zippers installed.

I had another thing happen at L2S this week. As many of my students know last year when I moved my business to this location I thought it was a good move. I've had many problems in the building that my students point out to me. I have been looking for a new location the past month. As many vacant places out there, and some for I know of two years, the landlords still want more money than the property's worth. Sometimes I hate the games we have to play when we deal with people who are all about "me" instead of "we". I'm a good tenant, be good to me, give me a deal. - So my landlord came in this week and told me they fixed one of the major problems why I was moving out of the building and said "will that help you to stay?" If things keep getting better at this location I will be staying.... I still have a couple more issues that can hopefully be addressed. I have a couple more months to make the decision. I don't want to move but I don't need to hear the same complaints from students about the location either.

Next weeks Schedule:
Cutting Class Tues. 6-8pm class full
Sewing Wed. 11am-1pm 3 seats available, and 6-8pm class full
Sewing Thurs. 10am-2pm
Machine Thurs. 6-8pm
Cutting Fri 11am-1pm
Machine Sat. 10a,-12noon
Sewing Sat 1-3pm 1 seat available. I'm not having a 3-5 sewing class because I have to get the kiddies ready for their night of trick-or-treating.

I still have a few more things to make this week for Halloween. My son doesn't want the "little" bags I made for them in past years. He wants a "really big" bag. Easy to make :) and... the letters are coming off of the twilight costume. I thought I could get away with just fusing them together. I guess I have to add some stitches.

When I started this blog I ended it with .... and still doing it because it's all about our moments

Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,


  1. Congradulations on your 200th post! I'm so glad I found your blog. It has bee helpful and informative to me, and fosters my dreams of being in Florida. Most of all I'm glad that I had a chance to meet you virtually. Your business continues to inspire me.

  2. Congrats on 200 posts! I've been blogging for more than three years and have only about 700 posts. I find that some weeks I have lots and lots to say which translates to lots and lots of posts, while other weeks the sewing and blogging mojo just isn't there.

    Glad you're blogging and that I found your blog! Here's to another 200.