Oct 2, 2009

An Oops in Simplicity 4568

I made a blouse to go along with the little brown pants I made for my daughter.

I bought this jersery fabric at JoAnns from their clearance fabric wall for $2 a yard. I'm always looking for fabric that isn't cotton or of a heavy weight at JoAnn. It' isn't often they have other fabric, so it seems. It didn't take much to make this cute little blouse.

I was able to cut this out one night after class. It got sewn in bits and peices in a few days. I try to get my sewing in 30 minutes before or after class. It didn't take long to make. Very easy pattern.

But...there was one problem.

When little one went to put it on it wouldn't go over her head. The neckline was a bit too small.

So what to do? I could either take off the facing, make the neckline bigger, cut a new facing to reinstall. - or - install a zipper in the back. I installed a zipper...I'm into easy and this seemed easier to me.

I pulled out some edge stitching around the neckline to lift the facing up. I added a 3" x 7" piece of fabric (facing) to the right side of the center back. I sewed two stitch lines close together down the center back...and I mean close together because I didn't want to see much of the zipper since I didn't have excatlly the right color of zipper. I cut in between the two stitch lines and flipped the facing and gave it a nice press. It was easy to place the zipper in my little opening. All that was left to do was sew down the neckline facing to the zipper. This took about 15 minutes to do this fix.

I really hate when patterns do this. There are so many times they have you install a zipper when you really don't need one or they put a seam down the center back when you really don't need one. This time a zipper was needed but not included.

These are the kinds of things that makes it hard for a new person to the art of sewing to learn. You have to do a few patterns to understand what you should be doing. Sewing is an art that you can't learn in a few lessons. In fact it's an art that you never stop learning new things.

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,


  1. I'm glad you were able to fix this so easily. What's up with the necklines on girls' patterns these days?

  2. That's a really cute little top. Nice save!