Sep 13, 2009

Week in Review

We had another fun week at Learn 2 Sew. Lot's of smiling faces and a few jumping up and down while the projects were made. It's great to give my knowledge to others and watch them enjoy the art of sewing as much as I do.

7 people attended the machine class to learn how to use the machine.
4 people attended the cutting class cutting an adult dress, toddler dress, handbag and a skirt.
12 people attended sewing classes sewing a jacket, a blanket, alterations, refashion skirt, toddler dress, dress to get married in (I'll show you this when it's finished), 2 blouses, pj's, tote bag and a hand bag.

My new 12 year old student returned with a friend this week. Because she brought someone in with her she receives a free hour of sewing class. She made a pj top while her friend sewed a tote bag.

I have another student who wants to be a designer. He's 16 yrs old and doing a great job learning on his machine that's always breaking down on him. He came to class this week with a new name plastered on his machine. It's now called S.O.B. :) He's already made a skirt and now is working on this beautiful red dress. It had a lot of darts in the front and back of the skirt. He got them all even...this project is coming along great. All that's left to do is install the zipper and teach him how to do a blind hem on SOB.

This student was so happy to finish her blanket she made out of her running t-shirts. She really enjoyed the process of making a blanket and wants to make another one. She had so much fun after this class she left me a message under a post: I never touched a sewing machine before July. Cindy is a patient, gifted and understanding teacher. My first project was a quilt I made from my running t-shirts.

Learn to sew with Cindy! We have fun in Hollywood! I could go right down the street in Tamarac, but I travel for this class!

I can't tell you how rewarding it is for me to see the smiles at the end of the projects. I had one student on Saturday who got so excited to see her blouse and skirt come together she was jumping up and down with her big old smile. She also bought a great machine and was excited about learning her neat features on it like the little button you push to cut your thread and lifts the foot at the end of the stitch. That's a fun feature on a machine.

I also went ahead and bought another Kenmore machine this week. I bought the same machine about 5 years ago. The only difference about buying it this time is they didn't give you a few pressure feet they offered in it the last time I purchased it. I love playing with new machines.

I can't wait to get back to my passion tomorrow. Some of the classes are filling up so if you would like to attend just let me know what class fits your schedule.

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,

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