Sep 6, 2009

Week in Review

This was a fun week of sewing at Learn 2 Sew. The students who came in this past week did a great job learning and sewing.

The wedding dress was compleated on Monday night. This student did a great job I have to say. She had an idea of what she wanted to do, something like the Heidi Prom Dress she found on Burda

She made a few changes because she needed sleeves but I think it looks a lot alike the design she was going for. And this was her very first project. The first day this student sat down to the machine she kept forgetting to put her presser foot down every time she started a stitch. She went from forgetting to put down her foot to making this beautiful dress. I'm so very proud of her and the attitude she had while she made it. She really never got nervous even when we were getting down to the wire of needing it done.

Sometimes I let younger students take my adult sewing class depending on how well they learn and sew. This student is only 12 years old. When she first took the sewing machine class with her mother her "sewing glow" (as I call it) started to shine. The smile that came across her face was priceless. She came back without her mother to learn to cut out her cute little skirt and made it in a couple of sewing classes. And she learned how to install a zipper. She is so cute in her first sewing project. This is another person who will be sewing the rest of her life. Sewing is now a part of her. And her parents hooked her up with a great sewing machine that will last her a very long time.

I'm pretty good at judging people in the machine class on what kind of sewer a student will be. I've had a few people surprise me lately. One of them took sewing head on buying a good sewing machine, laying out some money on a great serger and buying all kinds of fabric online at Gorgeous Fabrics and the local fabric stores. She spends a lot of time sewing at home. She takes her time to get it perfect and has made some beautiful clothing. She's a little thing that needs to alter everything. Her first few projects didn't fit real well and now she is learning how to fit what she makes to her body. Sewing is learned in baby steps. You can't learn everything right away. The more you sew the more you learn and this student has learned a lot.

Sewing is all about learning how to put the fabric together and the order of making the seams. One of my students has learn this by making handbags. She sewed her 3rd bag yesterday when she realized no matter the style of the bag the steps of putting them together are basically the same. She started her handbags in class and finished them at home. I totally forgot to pull out my camera to take pictures (bad teacher) to share on here. So (insert name here) if you are reading this bring your bags back in so I can take some pictures of them. They are so beautiful. You did a great job!

It was a busy week at Learn 2 Sew. Many students came in and had a wonderful time learning the art of sewing. We had some really great conversations while we made our stitches. (Jumping on my soapbox) One thing we talked about was the healthcare issue. There are so many of us with medical problems. Some of my students have been hit real hard financially with medical problems. Make your phone calls to your reps this week. They'll be back from their vacations and need to hear from us. They need to hear our stories and we need to hold them accountable to deliver a system that works for all of us. It's up to us to be involved. Together we hold the power. (Jumping down from my soapbox)

With the kids back in school and things getting back to some kind of normal I was able to do a little sewing this week.

I took a seam ripper to a pair of jeans last month. I was able to cut and sew 2 pairs this week. When you pull your old clothes apart to make new ones you only need one side. When you make pants the only thing that aren't the same is the fly one side of the pocket. I didn't rip the seams on these. I just traced the pieces I needed with some paper. I used scrap fabric that matched the color of the pants to cut out the pockets instead of installing plain white ones.

The blue jeans came out a little bigger than I needed. I still have to take them in a bit. The brown ones got taken in twice by mistake. I went in to sew after the school open house one night after wearing the first pair made and took them in. Friday I forgot I already took the brown pants in and took them in again. I didn't try them on until I was finished and realized they were way too small (see we all make mistakes). I bought more fabric and hope to make another pair in the next couple of days. I do love spending time with my children but I also love having them in school so I have more time to teach and sew.

I also made some pencil holders for my daughter because she has no room under her desk to keep all her things neat and clean. I used a pair of old jeans. As I did with her lunchbox - I used the pant legs and just installed a zipper on one side. I used some of her fabric she picked out to spell out her name. I made another one that I didn't take a picture of...

Well, that's what happened at L2S this week. Hope to see you in class next week. Enjoy your holiday weekend!

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,

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  1. I don't know how to say it in a different way, so I'll just say it the same way again, "Your students are so lucky to have such a dedicated teacher."
    The wedding dress is amazing!
    I love Ally's pencil case!