Aug 7, 2009

What sewing teaches us

What kind of sewer are you? What kind of sewer do you want to be?

I've had hundreds of people pass through my door to learn the art of sewing. There are many different types of sewers just as there are personalities. There's a few things I've learned teaching people. Some I know will be sewing into their elder years, others I find out quickly don't possess the things needed to learn the art of sewing.

What are some of the things we need to learn how to sew? The first is patience. You need to possess patience. If you don't and would like to learn to be a patent person, sewing will teach you. Sometimes the most rewarding techniques to sew are the ones that take hours to accomplish. As you're sewing you think you will never finish your task but you keep going until you finish. Then you hold up what you've just sewn, you have the best feeling of accomplishment. If you would like to see someone who possess patience go over and read what Summerset has been sewing with her Garden Path Jacket It's really amazing what she is doing. I would never have enough patience to do a project like that. I've loved following her progress on this project.

Another thing sewing teaches is is we're all on different levels of perfection. Some people are OK with crooked seams and things that look homemade. Other people want no part of the homemade look and have to get each stitch perfect and each seam straight. This goes along with having patience. When your perfection level is high, you will pull out a stitch several times to get it right.

You have to have some common sense to sew. You have to understand when we talk about length of a stitch were talking about how long the stitch is and we talk about width it's about how wide the stitch is. You also have to understand right side of the fabric and the wrong side of the fabric. I've taught some people who just cant grasp these things thus sewing becomes frustrating to them. There are basic concepts of any construction in sewing. Because when we construct anything we need common sense of how things work. Some of the same techniques my husband uses in woodworking are the same in sewing. You have to understand that your side seams come before you do the hem. Basic common sense things are a must while sewing.

Are you a stubborn person? Sometimes you can't be when you're sewing. Sometimes your plan doesn't always go the way you want and you have to do what our boy Tim say's from Project runway "Make it work". If you refuse to change the things that aren't going good about your project you will not be happy with what you're sewing. You will eventually give up. Some people who don't go with the flow of their project feel like they can't sew and give up trying.

The best advice I can give you if you want to learn to sew is never give up. Just like in life things don't always go our way. I promise you if you just keep trying different things you will be rewarded with a beautiful sewing project you can be happy with. The best things in life don't come easy, you have to work for them but when they present themselves to you the joy that you feel, the feeling of accomplishment is what life is about. When we step out of our comfort zone the lesson being taught will be learned and great things will be achieved, beautiful things will be sewn. Keep doing the same things and you achieve the same results. But most of all don't give up when you possess the sewing bug, when you dream about sewing, it's part of you that you must feed to be happy. Sewing is a great gift you can give to yourself.

Something I learned most of all about the sewing community is - they are a giving, caring community. Most people who sew don't sew for themselves but for other people. We spend hours pouring our love in our art work only to, most of the time, give it away. If you ever run across someone who also sews, they are more than willing to pass on their knowledge and sometimes supplies to you.

Sewing has a lot to teach us. With it's lessons come many rewards, a lifetime of rewards.

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,