Jul 23, 2009

Summer Camp Week 3

Another week of summer camp has passed with a good group of girls attending.

Two sisters have taken sewing camp before and took their sewing to another level making dresses that they didn't get to complete because they were out of town on Monday and couldn't attend. They will be back for the last week of camp to finish their dresses and to start new projects.

A couple of other girls just started learning how to sew, one using her hello kitty sewing machine.

Because I let the girls sew what they want by the end of the week they can get really creative with all the scraps laying around. Just making different kinds of stitches can be fun for them.

Some of their projects were pj pants, aprons, dresses, pillows, tote bags, fabric belts and shorts.

All the girls had a great time making new friends and exchanged phone numbers before they ended the week.

My daughter was my assistant this week bring me things when I needed them, filling up my wrist pin cushions so I could pint things together for the campers, pressing when she could. She did a great job and it was a big help having her there. One of the day's my son didn't want to go to his summer camp and tagged along with us to sewing camp.

Today my daughter and I stayed for a couple of hours after camp ended so we could have some "sewing time" together. She made a bag (picture on the left) and I fussed around the shop making ironing board covers and more curtains. She has caught the sewing bug. I can't believe how good she has gotten at sewing. She's troubleshooting the machine and knows how to fix it when it jams. I have the best time sewing with her. We have the best conversations. Today she asked me when we were going to get a sewing machine to keep at home so we can sew more. How cute is that! She can't get enough sewing like her old mom :)

The last week of camp runs from August 3-6 from 2 to 5pm. I have one seat available if there is someone who would like to attend. You can enroll online.

Until next time.
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew"much fun,

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  1. At first my speakers wouldn't work - then I made them work because I really wanted to hear this! Wow! I felt just like I was at summer camp. My heart sings when I see such young people learning how to sew. It amazes me how well they do. When I was this age my grandmother was still daring me to touch her machine - needless to say her dares did little good because I was determined that I was going to sew. Many happy sewing days with your daughter!