Jun 4, 2009

Schools - Out - For - Summer

The last day of school was today. It always puts a smile on my face. I love spending quality time with my children. With them in school 6 hours a day then doing sometimes 4 hours of homework isn't quality time. I just love having my kids around me and can't understand when I hear parents complain about summer vacation and what they are going to do with their kids.

It's funny when I was a kid I loved the last day of school. Both of my kids told me today they were sad the last day had arrived. My little man is moving on to 6th grade to a new school. A lot of his friends will be attending another school then him which made him sad. My daughter had a wonderful teacher (who I hope comes to sewing class - I gave her some free lessons for being such a great teacher) with some really good girl friends who she will miss not being with daily. Me, I am so happy not to have to start my day at 6am doing the same thing over and over again.

All this means my hours are changing at the sewing center. I haven't scheduled a lot of morning classes the next couple of months. Let's just say I've changed the schedule around a bit so check the calendar to see what classes work for you if you would like to attend this summer.

Hey, what better time to learn to sew than the summer time. There are so many cute things you can make. I love summer clothing. Good thing because living in Florida that's all we wear - very little clothing.

And since summer is here that means summer camp is happening. I love holding summer camp. I'm having my children attend my sewing camp this year. I'm hearing some grumbles from my little man (I really have to stop calling him that - he's 11 years old now and 5'3" tall) but he really needs to learn the basics. And..seats are still available if you would like to attend summer camp.

I really do love my kids. Have you ever picked up the camera and found some funny pictures on them? Kids are so funny sometimes. My daughter took my husbands phone one day. She wanted to change his ring tone. So she screamed really loud in the phone. It scared him to death the first time his phone rang. She just laughed...

I've had more people attending the machine and cutting classes lately. No sewing projects have been completed in sewing class thus no pictures to show except my darling children.

I'm working on ripping apart a pair of jeans that I just love and now have a hole in the back side. They fit so well I've decided to make a new pair.

Until next time,
Enjoy all your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,

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  1. YEA! Schools out, schools out. Teacher let the mules out. One ran east, one ran west, one ran up the teacher's dress! Was this little rhyme something just my friends and I said when we were little? I think of that every last day of school!! I know you are relieved to have your kids at home. They are so cute!!