Jun 23, 2009

First Week of Summer Camp

Yesterday started the first day of the first week of summer camp. Let the sewing begin.

This week I have 2 students who have taken my classes before. I can take them to a higher level of sewing. The other 3 had to learn how to use the sewing machine while they sewed their first projects. They range from 9 to 14 years. Three of them own their own sewing machine (lucky girls) and bring them to camp so they can learn how to use their machine. I really try to encourage them to sew at home.

I really love teaching kids even if they do suck the life out of me :) I'm so tired after the 3 hour sessions. The first couple of days I pin everything so they can see how the right way to do it. Some kids can pin things good - others need more help. And if you know how to sew you know how you pin things is the way it's going to look when you sew. (did that make sense, dang I'm tired) Again depending on the kids I iron everything for them because I don't want anyone getting burned on the iron. I also serge everything for them. You can imagine how fast I move around the room. This is why I only teach 5 kids at a time. I do love teaching them the art at such a young age because I know what their future will bring with the knowledge they absorb this week.

Teaching kids is much different than teaching adults. When adults need help they will sit and wait for you to come to them. Not kids, they surround you where ever you may be at the time. I have to tell them as they come to me - your next. I usually keep my eye on everyone in the room. I've been teaching for 3 years and getting better at knowing what everyone's doing. It's hard to do that when kids are all around you. I'm sure by the last week of sewing I'll have this down better. But, teaching kids and teaching adults sure is different and so are the conversations. It's fun to be around kids. Lots of giggles.

Just like the adult classes I let the kids sew what they want. I give them a suggested project list with supplies needed to bring to class. Sometimes they can make a couple of projects in one 3 hour session. So far they've made one pillow, 2 tote bag, 2 pants, 2 shorts, 1 skirt, 1 blanket. We have a couple of dresses cut out the the older girls are working on using patterns. This will probably take them the rest of the week to finish sewing.

Some of the kids are driving over an hour to attend sewing camp. I have to say thank you to their parents for taking the time or should I say giving the time to their daughters so they can attend sewing camp. Not very many parents would do this for their children.

Hopefully I can take some pictures of finished projects in the next couple of days. My daughter is attending this week too. I'll have to have her remind me to take pictures...or..have her take some pictures.

I'll be back soon
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,


  1. I feel your "confusion"! I taught my scout troop many crafts and a little sewing.
    Here's a tip when the line waiting for "you" gets long, have the more experienced girls help the newbies with simple tasks. They usually love the chance to show another "how to" do something. You could even give a "Best Junior Teacher" award to thank them after each session or class.

  2. oh I forgot about when I taught my Brownie troop and their moms how to sew once. Well, they each made a pair of shorts. I don't know that they really learned to really sew.
    I had a friend recently ask me to teach her young adult daughter to sew this summer. she asked me while mother was still in the hospital. So, I told her I would have to think about it. I really do want to start in the fall. I've decided I don't want to use my friend's space at her dance studio though. I really like her, but she can be pretty flighty and I don't want to mess up a good friendship with business stuff.