Jun 19, 2009

Dance Team

This has been a crazy week. Actually it's been a crazy couple of weeks. My classes have been full of which I'm thankful. This week made things a little crazy because as soon as we went into the 90 degrees weather the AC broke in the building. I can't tell you how hot it's been at the sewing center. Today they have it back up and running, thankfully because I'm getting older and when you get hot...it's hard to cool off.

So, little one had her dance recital last Saturday. She was in 8 dances which means 8 costumes. She loved the night. There's nothing like watching your child shine. She is still doing her 3 days a week practices.

So, last night while I was teaching a class my mother (Nana) took little one to pick up her dance pictures. Crazy Nana bought all the photo's. Some of the poses are the same but she had to buy them anyway.

The mini competition team - they won first place in all competitions they entered beating out the Jr's in one competition

The mini ballet - they don't compete. She doesn't like taking ballet but has to because she is on competition. She is so graceful..I love watching them dance ballet.

The full competition team - Seniors, Jr. and mini's

And now the STAR

She is growing into one beautiful girl - it's hard to believe my baby is 9 yrs old.

I hope you looking at the pictures as much as I like sharing them with you. And heck, Nana spent so much money on the pictures I just have to share them with everyone. Next post will be about sewing..this one is all about me bragging about my DD.

Next week starts summer camp. This is always fun and I usually take tons of pictures.

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,


  1. She is beautiful! All the costumes are gorgeous! I know how proud you are of her.

  2. She is beautiful! No wonder proud Nana bought all the photos..and I'm glad you shared them. The can-can photo brought back memories of one of my dance classes...we did a can-can. Oh how I loved that dance!
    Brag all you want to! What wonderful memories for her and you.