Jun 1, 2009

3rd Anniversary of Learn 2 Sew

It's hard to believe I opened my business 3 years ago today. Needles to say the first month open was very slow but I did have students my first week open.

My first class was a group of 3 friends who traveled from South Beach. They were girls who worked at bars as cocktail waitresses. They came in to learn how to sew, of all things, leather. They knew nothing about sewing and when I told them about the bobbin they just laughed. They asked - is that what they really call it? (girls with dirty minds) They had a good laugh. I ended up becoming kind of friends with these girls - went to one of their birthday parties on Miami Beach. Her boyfriend was a music producer and had gold albums all over his big beautiful house. I'm not really into the style of music he produced and didn't know any of the groups or people that were hanging on his walls. Hey, I'm a Led Zeppelin girl. Old time rock and roll is what fills me.

I've met all kinds of different people with many exciting stories. I asked one of my students one day what was the last concert she attended because I just love concerts and music. Her answer was "my brother-in-law". Who's your BIL I asked. She said "Mark Anthony". This was the time when Jennifer was pregnant. That was a fun conversation.

I also had another student fly down from DC to take a sewing vacation because she couldn't find anyone to teach her the art where she lived. I'm amazed all the time how far people travel to take my sewing classes . I assumed when I opened I would get people in my own city of Hollywood or maybe west of us in Pembroke Pines, maybe Hallandale or Dania. A couple of weekends ago one of my students make the truck up from South Miami Dade. I asked her where she lived. Her answer was about 10 miles up from Key Largo. I am so thankful that people have such a desire to learn the art of sewing they are driving sometimes over an hour to take my classes. I'm also amazed how many phone calls I get from all over the country - people asking if I know of sewing classes near them. I have to laugh....like I know all the sewing classes around the country.

I have probably taught over 700 people to sew over the past 3 years. Some have taken off with the art by starting their own business from baby cloths to dog collars. I also can't believe how far and how fast some people take the knowledge I give them to create beautiful works of art. It always fill me up with delight to hear what they've made or working on.

If you've taken my classes I want to thank you for taking the time to learn the art of sewing. Since I was a kid there has nothing that has brought me peace inside like sewing has. I tell people all the time it's my yoga. I hope sewing has brought my students as much happiness as I've been blesses with having it in my life.

I do enjoy all my sewing moments. And for the past 3 years have had much pleasure in sharing my passion with others.

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,


  1. Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful accomplishment! I'd love to take one of your classes someday... :)

  2. Happy Anniverssary. I wish you much success in the future.

  3. Just found your blog and coincidently I lived in Hollywood for 15 years! I'm in Coral Springs now. I am an avid sewer and have taught lots of craft classes in scouting. Enjoying your blog:)