May 16, 2009

Today at Learn 2 Sew

This has been another long day which started at 6am getting my daughter ready for another dance competition. They always want you to put a lot of make up on because it looks better on stage. I never put enough and it's really hard putting eyelashes on butterfly eyes. The first picture is one stage of getting ready. The second picture is waiting to go on stage.

They took first place again today in their division beating out a dance company that always wins. They tap dance to Bugle Boy. In the video my little one starts out in the back on the right side of the video and moves up to the front. She's the smallest one on the team.

I'm such a proud mom. Dance comes natural to my little one. I don't get to go to the Saturday dance events because I teach. We have to get her all ready again in the morning to be there at 9:30am. Today was the mini's - tomorrow the mini's dance with the older girls. This is the last weekend of dance competition. We only have the recital on June 6 then we have the summer off.

So meanwhile at the sewing center.

I taught a machine class from 10am- 12noon and had 3 students attend. Two will be returning next weekend for the cutting class.

After I ran home for lunch and to let the dog out I had a sewing class from 1-5pm and which 7 students attended.

Renae and her daughter Jerissa started sewing class a few weeks ago. They took the machine class together. Came back to cut out a project. Jerissa is sewing a dress. I didn't take a picture of her project but did take a picture of her and her mom at the machines. Her mom worked on some shorts she cut out. I also taught Renae how to alter some jeans that didn't fit.

From the other side of the room because I had the camera in my hand. Iris is in the back by the window. My nickname for her is IRod which goes along with her last name. She comes every Saturday sits back in the corner and just sews with all of us. I don't give her lessons anymore. She knows what shes doing. Iris just pays a $5 an hour fee to come hang out and sew with all of us.

Beth's been coming in now for a few weeks. She had to go away a couple weekends ago for a wedding and really missed coming to class. She's a new mom. Her daughter is 10 months old and doesn't let mommy get much sleep. Isn't it great being a mom? :)

Beth's been working on the same pattern perfecting her technique. She's a little nervous to start but once she gets going she realizes the steps we have to take it's starting to click with her. She had no problem cutting out the last two little toddler dresses. We figured out a way for her to hide all her seams with different styles of dress.

We worked on her buttonholes today. One of they didn't work out so well and you know how hard it is to pull out buttonhole stitches. We'll be working on these the next time she comes in.

Molly loves sewing bags. She's been in a few times making different styles of bags and clutches. Some of the bags you see in the pictures on the side bar are Molly Bags. She brought in an Amy Butler pattern and fabric to start another bag. She cut it out and started sewing it before class ended. She's a smart girl. I know she'll have this bag finished and another project started before I see her again.
I also talked to Molly about maybe her next project should be a garment. Maybe a dress or top. I think I'm bringing her out of her comfort level. :) A dress or a top's easy to make Molly - And I know you're reading this!

I also had a few visitors come in to say hello. There's restaurant and when ever Pat visit's it she always brings me her bagel because she can't eat them. I also had a childhood friend of my husband stop in for a little while to see how I ran my classes. She brought a friend. Another student came by to say hi and also brought another friend. People coming - people going. It's all fun though.

Wendy came to the machine class a couple weeks ago to learn how to use her sewing machine. She came back to the sewing class last week and thought she was doing the cutting class. She decided to reschedule to today. She cut out her project all by herself. She had a few problem trying to figure out how to do it. She cut everything out with one layer and all the same way. Good thing we couldn't tell right side from wrong side of her fabric. We were able to get her started sewing a cute little blue knit dress. She has the bodice done. We need to add the skirt next week.

You know it's funny how things happen and how people perceive how they should do things. Wendy took the time to take strips of tape to secure her pattern before she traced it out on her fabric. I've never seen anyone do anything like this before but for her it was a way to make her pattern better. Everyone who came in the class, visitors and all walked over to her pattern and picked it up to look at. They almost look lamented. I've put interfacing on the back of the pattern to make it stronger but never taped the front or even had the thought to do this.

Flo has been taking my sewing classes for a few months coming in when she can. She drives from Miami. I'm actually surprised how far people drive to come to sewing class. Shes always done alterations. She's taught herself her machine and came to the cutting class yesterday to learn how to sew her very first garment. She's making a tunic style dress. We worked on the neckline int the couple of hours she attended today.

I love Saturday's. A lot of people attend class. And I love what I do so much. What else could take me away from seeing my daughter dance than to spend time sewing. (psstttt...and the best thing - I get paid to sew...shush...don't tell anyone)

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,


  1. Your daughtrer is extrememly talented. How proud you must be. It does sound like your classes would be fun. I would love to visit one Saturday if I could ever get down that way. These ladies are so lucky to have such a fun, eager teacher.

  2. So funny!! Yes, I finished my bag and now I've been investigating fabrics and dress patterns...I might even get a little crazy and design my own :) Thanks again for all your help on Saturday!!

  3. Adorable and fantastic unison, Loved it!
    My dd was in so many shows growing up with dance and band and I loved them all. Enjoy it, they grow up sooo fast!