May 3, 2009

Students Sewing Projects

I usually only take pictures of finished products of students projects and that's only if I can remember.

This was Carrie's second sewing project. She learned how to use two layers of fabric in the bodice to hide your seams, how to do some hand sewing because she didn't want to see top stitching. She also learned how to do buttonholes. She was a little nervous about doing buttonholes but after I showed her how to use her one step buttonhole she said "that wasn't that bad". She found out install elastic in the bloomers wasn't as hard as she thought too. She did a beautiful job sewing this oliver + s pattern

Lorrane and Yvonne in sewing class.

Yvonne mad a clutch for her first project. She learned how to install piping and a zipper. She also learned how to hide all her seams by using a pink liner. I forgot to write down her pattern #. This is something I'll have to remember and improve on along with taking pictures. Yvonne has finished her second bang and has started on making this bag again in different fabric.

Some people don't like having their picture taken and Bari is one of them. :) She brought in a ready to sew project she bought from It was already cut out and included the ribbon. It's a cute little dress that only took her less than 2 hours to sew.

Kelly came to cutting class to cut out this simple dress, attended a sewing class and made this project in a couple of hours. It's real cute and will look much better on her without her other clothing she wore to class.

Turning boy clothes into girls. This was a quick project I started a few months ago - put it aside and totally forgot about it. It's not like my daughter can wear this now with summer upon us. I'll end up giving it to a friend. I changed the liner fabric in the hood, added a heart on the pocket, a little trim around the neckline and ran some purple ribbon for the tie.

I love turning my boy clothes into girls. Sometimes I get "I'm not wearing that Mommy, it was Deans." I don't understanding sibling rivalry sometimes.

I promise to improve on taking pictures during sewing class and also write down pattern numbers of students projects. It's just I love to sew that taking pictures doesn't enter the mind. I'll have to put a note in the room to remind me - or have the students remind me.

I hope you're having a most wonderful weekend.
Until next time,
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,


  1. Wow your students are lucky to have such a great teacher. Wonderful projects! You've just received an award! Check out my blog to see what it is.

  2. Great projects, and I think they have a great teacher too.