May 21, 2009

"Ready To Sew" Toddler Dress

Because I've had some students who've had the desire to sew but don't know what to make or have time to go to the fabric store to buy their project I am now offering "Ready to Sew" projects. These projects are already cut and already sew in the sewing class.

Because they are already cut you only have one or two choices of fabric. All projects are easy to make and have all the things needed to make the item like ribbon, interfacing, batting and zippers. Thread doesn't come with the project - you can use my thread in the sewing center.

One of the projects are a reversible toddler dress made with only 5 seams. This dress is very easy to make. It's made in a way that all the seams are hidden because there are two layers of fabric. The sizes range from XS, S, M and L.

This ready to sew project is only $15. When you buy this project you receive the fabric already cut, ribbon, pattern if you would like to make it again and instructions to make this easy project.

I have other ready to cut projects which include a pencil holder, grocery tote bag and baby bibs. All projects can be purchased at the sewing center or bought online.

I'm working on more ready to sew projects with instructions how to make them. Stay tuned for more projects like this one.

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Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,

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  1. Hi Cindy! What a cute dress! And a good idea - cutting out is my least favorite part of sewing. I wanted to stop in to say Thanks! for your nice words about my blog. I hope we can make it over to your neck of the woods sometime (we're in Lakeland, FL), so that I can come visit your shop - it looks like a wonderful place to hang out, learn more about sewing and make friends! :)
    Happy Memorial Day to you too - I work for the Navy, and am forever grateful for and in awe of the sacrifices that so many Americans and American families make so that we can enjoy this great country.
    Take care, Gwen