May 19, 2009

Internet Sewing and Award Winning Friends

The internet sure has changed our sewing world.

When I was a kid and first learned the art the only way you could learn was to hopefully find yourself in front of someone that had some knowledge to pass along to you. Most people I knew didn't sew which meant I didn't find myself in front of these people often. I had to teach myself the art through trial and error and with some common sense. It also meant I did my sewing alone and the only people who would see my projects were my family and friends.

It's amazing how technology has changed our sewing world. Without the Internet I wouldn't have a business. I researched online the best way to start my business. I get a lot more business from people finding me online that I ever do paying for advertisement or being on TV. Having the Internet has allowed me to educate myself when I don't know something. There are many places online that all you have to do is a search with your question and you can find a vast amount of information to answer your question. Not a lot of people can educate themselves this way. They need to shown in person how something is done, this is why they attend my classes. I'm lucky I have this ability to learn from all the online information from blogs to videos. The use of the internet has also allowed me to share my project with others and see what others are sewing.

One day I did a search for Sewing Blogs and found this wonderful community of all kinds of sewers. I can read what people are sewing, how they are doing it and a lot of times learn something from them. They write from all over the world. Depending on what part of he country or world we live decides what they sew. I love watching people make their winter clothing because we don't wear it here. Since I've lived in South Florida my whole life I've never made winter clothing.

Some of the blogs I read daily online I have become friends with. Not only do we blog together we email one another. This online community is growing. You can see some blogs followers grow from a few to hundreds in a couple of months. Some blogs have may comments that are fun to read.

Because we all read each others blogs and one person gets an award the award happens to make it's way around to everyone because people who sew are special people. We make things for others because we care about the next person. We have tons of patience because lets face it - you need a lot of patience to sew. It is now my time to pass on a few awards that I had the pleasure of being given. It is funny to watch these blogs because we are giving these awards back and forth. It just goes to show how much we all mean to one another.

The two new awards are The Attitude and Gratitude Award and Blogger Buddy Award.

I'm passing the awards back to my sewing friends and to the blogs I follow - some I post comments on:

Thank you everyone for sharing yourselves and your sewing adventures with us through your blogs. And thank you for being my online friends. You mean a lot to me and teach me much.

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments (because life is a precious gift) ~ make them "sew" much fun,


  1. And thank you, also. I love reading your posts. I too, learn from reading blogs. There are so many talented people online that I would never have know about. It's a great community.

  2. You have the right kind of attitude to be a buddy!! I am grateful to have found you through this blogging world.

  3. Hi Cindy, thanks for stopping by my blog. I love finding new sewing buddies. I love your blog & I will check in often.

  4. Cindy, Thanks for sharing your blog list. I've known for a long time that the Internet is for sharing ideas!

  5. Cindy, thanks for passing on the award. I also learned back in the day when many mothers and grandmothers passed the art down to their daughters. While my mother was a meticulous and fashionably dressed woman, she did NOT sew and I learned through lots of trial errors.

    It is amazing how much information is now available through the Internet and how willing sewers are to share with one another.