Mar 27, 2009

A very cool art form

I was sent this in an email.
It really is beautiful, I have to share.
I've never seen anything like it...really amazing!
Enjoy your sand art moment...

Have you ever had times when you've been doing a lot of sewing but feel like you haven't made anything. I've done very fast projects this past week. I made a couple of tote bags for teacher appreciation week at the kids school. I made a few chair covers and some other craft like projects.

And as far as student projects pictures to show, um, I forgot to take pictures again. We did do a lot of alterations this week, replacing zippers, taking in darts, half made dresses. Nothing complete to show as far as pictures.

JoAnn is having a good sale this week with their notion wall. It's a good time to pick up some extra machine needles. They also have their scissors on sale. If you have been making your list of patterns to buy they also have most of their patters on sale for $1. It's time to stock up on things.

Enjoy the video!

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,


  1. absolutely amazing sand art. how wonderful. thnx for sharing. make my day :)

    i wish we have joAnn here at my place. i will be shopping like crazy if i ever go there hehehe

  2. That video was amazing. Thanks for the gift of it!! I nearly cried it was so beautiful!! Now that I have my Easter sewing done it's time to do those 5 or 6 projects I've been putting off because they aren't real sewing.

  3. Oh wow, that was impressive to see. It goes to show that creative self expression can come in any form. Art can be made out of any material that you want. Imagination has not limits, I love it. :):):) It makes me think that next time I go to the beach I should play more with the sand.

    Thanks for the heads up about the JoAnn sale, I should drop by for some needles.