Mar 11, 2009

How long do you keep your sewing projects?

Those who have taken my classes have heard my story about how I got started sewing. If you haven't taken my class or read my history on my website here it is. First let me say I've lived in Hollywood Florida all my life.

I started sewing when I was 12 years old. When I was 14 I worked at a local fabric store called Maes Fabric located on Taft Street. I worked there for over 2 years in the evenings after school and on the weekends. While I worked at the fabric store I was given my very first sewing machine and my love of sewing took off from there making most all my clothing.

I attended McArthur High School and in 1978 (graduated in 1980) I took a class being offered in Fashion Design. It was a 2 hour class where I was taught the art of pattern making by Mrs. Tepper. I'm the one you can't see fourth from the left. This was a yearbook picture and yes we did have to make the goofy dresses and vest. Hey it was the 70's. :) In this class we took a field trip to NY City on a fashion tour. We visited Revlon, Simplicity pattern company, photographers, modeling agencies and all business to do with fashion. It was a great experience except I didn't think I could make it as a fashion designer.

After High School I attended cosmetology school and became a hair stylists for 10 years. Because of health issues I was unable to stand for very long. Did you know you can go to school for real estate in 2 weeks and become an agent? This is what I did for the next 10 years.

My husband and I have been together for 29 years. It took us many years to have children. When my kids came I became a stay at home mom. With the economy the way it is my husband begged me to go back to work. When a friend saw me sewing one day she asked me to teach her. This is when I decided to open Learn 2 Sew.

When I did open my sewing school I decided to go into my old sewing projects I've been keeping all these years to find things I could use in my classes. It's amazing how long we keep things and how fast the years pass. I pulled out an old 3 piece suite I made in Mrs. Teppers class. All I remember about this project was how many times she made me pull my seams apart when I didn't line up my stripes on the jacket. It took me forever to make (it felt like it anyway). I don't think I ever wore it with the jacket. Back in those days we wore a lot of gauchos.

Another project I made while I was in high school that I wore A LOT was a jacket. I remember wearing this to football games and after when we would all hang out at the beach. I also remember wearing it a lot when I first met my husband on a lot of dates we went on. OK so our dates consisted of driving around the neighborhoods listening to our favorite music.

Back then I made all kinds of things. My own panties and slips, bathing suites, all clothes I wore to school. I loved sewing and still do after all these years.

Over the Christmas break when my kids were out of school I took off for a couple of weeks to spend time with them. I had also moved my business and thought it was a good time to give to my children. I had moved a few boxes that haven't been opened in years. There were hook rugs, embroidery, knitting and all kinds of projects from the days of my youth when I first started sewing. I was amazed how good I was back then and how much talent I was blessed with.

One thing I've learn and I try to teach to other people. When your a child and you have a great desire to do something and you do it all the time you have to find a way to make a living out of it when your older. My passion long ago was sewing and here I am in my late 40's and I've returned to my passion. I did like being a hairstylist but hated working in real estate. Both made me a lot of money. I don't make as much teaching sewing but what I do today fill's my soul like I can't tell you. To give others my knowledge and watch what they do with it is so rewarding for me. I don't make a lot of money but life isn't about money. It's about enjoying your moments.

So, how long have you kept some of your sewing projects?

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,


  1. I still have the very thing I ever made, of course it was an apron and didn't even have pockets (go figure). When I moved away and returned to Georgia after many years, my Grand Mother had saved it for me. I sweated many hours over that first sewing project, and I will always keep it.

  2. Hi Cindy. Thanks for visiting my blog. Your comments parallel my life in so many ways. Except that I'm a year older. I made almost all my clothes in high school. I did quit sewing clothes after having my child and I couldn't fit my new shape any longer. It is so much fun to sew. I don't have my old clothes any longer. I finally gave up all those things that I will never fit into again.

  3. I doubt it was my first, I don't even remember learning, but I have a doll 'my friend Jenny' that I made her clothes. I was young enough that I was more interested in dressing that doll than I was myself. My daughter has that doll now.