Feb 5, 2009

Students Sewing Projects

Great news! I remembered to take pictures this week of students projects. Now if I could just remember to write down the pattern number if you wanted to make the projects too.

Aly has been coming to sewing class for a few months now. She has made several projects, mostly clothing. She wanted to sew a "cat house" for her kitten. This is a not so easy project to sew. Once you start putting all the panels together with the 1"foam it's hard to sew the seams on the machine. We ended up finishing the project by hand. There's a few more steps (putting trim on the roof of the house)

Next up - April's vest. She decided to do something different to the back and cut out a big square with contrasting fabric in the square. She learned how to do buttonholes and add liner inside to hide all the seams with this project.

Maggie came in to make costumes for a play she's involved with. She bought several different dresses at the thrift store - cut them apart and came up with some very creative garnments. This is a work in progress. I'll have more pictures to show you in the future.

Randy wanted to get creative. She brought in a yard of denmin fabric and an old button down shirt of her husbands. She used the back of the shirt to make the top of the skirt, used the button holes at the bottom of the hem, used the pocket from the shirt and the buttons at the hipline of the skirt. This was a very creative project and tons of fun to sew. Randy - you did a great job! You really are learning so much. I'm very proud of you.

Hazel made this beautiful dress for her daughter. It's an easy pattern with only a few pieces. She learned how to gather and do ruffles, install a facing at the neckline, bias tape to finish off the arm holes. She added the pink to the bottom instead of just doing a hem. I think it added a lot to the dress. It's so much fun to sew kids clothing. For me anyway...

Molly came in to last nights class to sew another bag. She loves sewing bags :) She bought the pattern off of etsy for $5. Again, she blogged about it like she did her last bag if you would like to see more pictures. She already had it cut out before she came to class and only took less than 2 hours to sew. It's fun to sew bags with liners in them. You have a chance to learn how to hide all your seams which I really like to do an a lot of my projects.

Time to go pick up the kiddies from school and do homework..yippe!
Until next time.
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,


  1. Love the all!!!
    I'll be there next Tuesday :)

  2. Please keep the camera near. I want to see what you guys are producing!