Feb 20, 2009

Fashion Week and Project Runway

Again I had a few people sign up for class only to be a no show. This gave me some free time today to sew and see what's going down the runway.

I've been real excited all day wondering what "is" going down the runway today. I've hit Blogging Project Runway a few times today. You can go there to see season 6 of Project Runway designs - if you want to see them. As in every year some designs are good - some I just don't like. Just by looking at the design you can see who has talent and who doesn't. You know how this show is a hit or miss with people and their knowledge of clothing construction.

Christian is back under the tent. Go check out his designs. He has grown in his style. Some elements he used I really liked a lot. He does make some beautiful dresses. He didn't have that much pleated things like his last collection seamed to have, more draping. He liked the hat - I'm sorry - it just looked stupid to me like some of his things. But I must say - the boy can construct and he does know how to sew.

Christian Siriano Fall 2009 Collection

All images courtesy of WireImage.
Click here for more images.

You can find more coverage at Newsday. And the video below is courtesy of our friends at Newsday.

The fun thing about Fashion Week is running the designs through your head figuring out what they did to make it.

I'll always love Big old Chris sending human hair down the runway. Now being a hairstylists in a past life I really enjoyed seeing that walk down.

Keep an eye on Gorgeous Things' Blog - Ann went too. I can't wait to see her pictures. :)

I did get to sew today - more about that later. I'm too excited about what's going on in NY.

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,


  1. Glad you enjoyed your day Sis. Wish I could have been there to sew with you!

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