Jan 8, 2009

Open Your Own Sewing School


If you know how to sew and are good with people sewing could be a form of income for you in these trying times. Depending how much time you put into your business you can be very successful if you find yourself unemployed.

I have people call me from all over the country to ask me about how I opened my sewing school. I also have people call me from all over the country to ask if I know of any where near them who teach sewing the way I run my classes.

People drive sometimes over an hour to take my classes from all over South Florida. There is a great demand from the public to learn the art of sewing.

Are you interested in opening your own sewing school?
I can teach you how to make your business profitable.
I have made mistakes that has cost me money. I can keep you from making the same mistakes I made. I've figured out how to make teaching sewing very rewarding financially.

If your interested in starting a sewing school the information I will tell you will help you on your way to opening a successful sewing school for very little money invested to be your own boss.

I will teach you how and what you need to know to start your business
and the steps you need to take for success.

What you will learn:
Find your competition
Making a business plan
How to set up your business with the IRS
Getting the money needed to start your business
Finding a location to run your classes
What to teach in your classes for adults and kids
How to advertise your business for free
How to build your business for a successful future
Receive all my forms, applications, waivers and class notes
One month of mentoring if you have questions while you're starting your business
Attendance to my classes if desired

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Because of the information I give and the nature of the information there are no refunds after purchase. I will not sell this information to anyone who wants to open in South Florida. Sorry - this is my territory. I hope you understand.

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,

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