Jan 22, 2009

Anne's Dress and Nani's Handbag

Anne started sewing in December. Her first project was this dress. She did such a wonderful job I had to share. And good thing I had my camera with me so I could share. I am so bad about taking pictures of my students projects.

Anne took her time cutting out her project. Because the fabric was lightweight and had some stretch to it took her a little time to pin and cut her fabric in the cutting class. Working with this kind of fabric for your first project takes some patience. Anne has patience.

She also has a high perfection level. When she didn't like a stitch she made she took it and and did it over. She took her time pinning and sewing. She also hand sewed all her lining in the bodice. Of course she did her hand sewing at home. When she brought her dress back in after she finished I could not believe her hand sewing. It was good!! Very small and constant stitches.

I am so very proud of Anne sewing this dress for her first project. I can't wait to see what she's going to sew next. She came in and cut out a bunch of pants...so...we'll see.

Nani started sewing this month. She got a new sewing machine for Christmas and came to the first machine class of the year. She caught on quickly and asked some good questions.

She wanted to make a handbag for her first project. She used several different fabrics which she had to decide how to do in the cutting class.

Nani came in to one of my 4 hour sewing classes to sew her bag and got it finished before the end. It really came out great. She too took her time sewing. At the end I pinned a lot of her steps so she could get it done faster.

There are other bags in her pattern ready to cut out. I'm not sure if she started sewing them at home since she has a machine. She loves sewing, I'm sure she did sew more bags.

Check out her blog where she posted about sewing her bag and to view more pictures. She has some wonderful pictures of all kinds of things. It's a great blog to follow.

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  1. Yeah for your students, they both did a very nice job.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am improving my skills since being away from sewing and am interested if you have a tutorial on the hand stitches used by your student Anne. Thanks in advance for your answer.

  3. Hi Chiqueazme,
    She used a Slipstitch - Work from right to left, holding the folded edge in your left hand. Bring the needle up through the fold. Take a stitch into the garment directly opposite the point where thread came out, catching one or two threads. Slip needle through fold a distance of about 1/4" (6 mm). Continue taking stitches about 1/4" (6 mm) apart - Here's some things I found online I've used in my class before- http://www.sewing.org/html/handstittch.html <---go to this link to see a picture of a slipstitch.

    She took her time and did really small stitches
    Happy sewing :)