Jan 28, 2009

A few items to end the month

I wanted to end the month by telling you about the sewing party last night, share a students project and someone who has a big heart and trying to raise money for the Humane Society of Broward County

The few people that showed up to the free sewing party last night had fun. I had the party to celebrate my new location. Twelve people RSVP to the party. I had to turn a few people away who wanted to come because I thought the party was full. I only had 3 people come in to sew and a couple of people who came to hang out and chat and sign up for some classes using the great discounts I was giving for the night. I am so bad about taking pictures. I didn't think about it until after everyone left and I was cleaning up. It was fun to relax, have a drink (some beer ,some wine) and just sew. I really don't get enough time to sew for myself. I'm always working on students project. I was disappointed so many people told me they were coming in and not show up. Why do so many people do this? Say one thing and do another? I don't get it. :)

I also wanted to share another bags made by Molly. She started them in class last Saturday and finished them at home. She brought them in last night to show me. They came out great. She's using them for grocery bags. Again I forgot to take pictures but lucky for me she has a blog and took pictures. View her blog to see the bag she put an M on. It's cute. Good job Molly!

Last, Jesse works at my bank. She is a wonderful person who is always so pleasant with everyone. I've known her for a few years now. A couple of days ago we were talking about service to our community. She got all excited and asked if I could help her. She's doing a walk to raise money for the humane society. I told her I would pledge and if anyone would like to help her reach her goal I know she would be so thankful. You can make a pledge online. It goes to a great cause.

My classes have been filling up quickly. Everyone wants to sew! I'm lovin' it. The art is returning. And so many people are very creative. It excites me to see how creative they can be. I had a lot more students this January than January 2008. I can't tell you how rewarding it is for me to give my knowledge to others and watch what they do with what I give them.

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,

Jan 24, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Awards - Who Knew?

I'm always telling my students there's so much information online and if they don't know how to do something or don't understand terminology to look it up online because chances are they can find all kinds of tutorials and sometimes a youtube video.

I love reading other sewest blogs. I learn from them and get wonderful ideas for my projects. I've come across some wonderful people keeping up with their post and watching their projects progress. I've recently met Faye. She has a blog called Cutting Edge Designs that I've been following for a few months now.

Faye has also been reading my blog and leaving comments which I love so - give me some love and leave me a comment if your reading this. We've recently found out how much we're alike on so many different paths we've taken in life.

Faye gave me my very first blog award. The Kreativ Blogger Award. How cool is that? I'm on cloud nine...I got an award! All in the same week the big O took office. Hehehe. Life is good :)

From Faye:
I visit so many blogs and all of these people are SO CREATIVE. I can't tell you how inspiring and educational they all are. Not a day goes by that I don't learn something new. Sewing blog surfing is an education in it's self. Here are links to some of the new blogs I've discovered recently as well as some that I've been visiting since I started blogging. Be sure to check them out:

These 7 bloggers have been notified of their nominations and if accepted these are the Rules and Responsibilities of the award--

1. Copy the award to your site.
2. Link to the person from whom you received the award.
3. Nominate 7 other bloggers.
4. Link to those on your blog.
5. Leave a message on the blogs you nominated.


So, I guess I have to pick other blogs I would like to give an award to. I already have Faye linked to my blog list.

I would like to give two of my students the award because they have really fun blogs to follow and both are so creative in everything they attempt
Molly - modisto shop
Nani - Cholicate and Wine

I would also like to give the award to Carolyn at diary of a sewing fanatic. It looks like she's already received the award a couple of time which goes to show how good her blog is. And..She's an Obama girl. How could you not like her?

And someone I found through Carolyn was Anne. She has a fun blog too at Gourgeous Things' Blog. It's such a small world one of my students, Carol, also told me about Anne and how much she loved to buy fabric from her and how wonderful her fabric was.

That leaves me with 3 more to award. I think this award should be more for "personal sewing blogs" but there are couple of blogs that I read daily that I would like to share and I'm sure many of you know about them. Wardrobe Refashion because it is so much fun to see what all kinds of people do with refashing clothing. And Blogging Project Runway because I love Project Runway.

My last award will go to all those who help keep the art alive. To all my students, to all the bloggers out there, to everyone who love to sew as much as I do.

Until next time.
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,

Jan 23, 2009

FREE Sewing Party Tuesday Evening

Just a reminder I'm having a FREE SEWING PARTY Tuesday evening from 5 - 8pm to celebrate my new location. To recap from my news letter

Another happening this month is…wait for it…. I’m having a free sewing party to celebrate my new location on January 27 from 5 - 8pm. If you would like to attend and own a machine please bring it with you. I only have a few machines. I will not be giving any instruction. This is a time when I get to have fun sewing with you. If you plan on attending you will need to RSVP to give me a heads up you will be there. I have limited seating. I’m also going to provide refreshments ~ yummy. You can always use this time to come in and enroll to any class using your discount below. you will also need to bring your sewing project with you. I will not have any projects for you to sew. I will be sewing my own project :)

I do have a couple seats available if you would like to attend. Again - there is no instruction during the party.

If you can't come in to sew but would like to save some money on classes come in to the party and enroll to any class using these discounts

CLASS DISCOUNT offered when you attend
SEWING PARTY and enroll to any class

SAVE $5 on any Machine or Cutting Class

SAVE $10 when you enroll to 10 or 20 hours of Sewing Class. Time expires depending on how many hours you purchase


I hope to see you at the party either to stay and sew or to stop in to enroll to any class using the discount abouve. Don't forget to bring your project and sewing machine with you.

Until then,
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,

Jan 22, 2009

Anne's Dress and Nani's Handbag

Anne started sewing in December. Her first project was this dress. She did such a wonderful job I had to share. And good thing I had my camera with me so I could share. I am so bad about taking pictures of my students projects.

Anne took her time cutting out her project. Because the fabric was lightweight and had some stretch to it took her a little time to pin and cut her fabric in the cutting class. Working with this kind of fabric for your first project takes some patience. Anne has patience.

She also has a high perfection level. When she didn't like a stitch she made she took it and and did it over. She took her time pinning and sewing. She also hand sewed all her lining in the bodice. Of course she did her hand sewing at home. When she brought her dress back in after she finished I could not believe her hand sewing. It was good!! Very small and constant stitches.

I am so very proud of Anne sewing this dress for her first project. I can't wait to see what she's going to sew next. She came in and cut out a bunch of pants...so...we'll see.

Nani started sewing this month. She got a new sewing machine for Christmas and came to the first machine class of the year. She caught on quickly and asked some good questions.

She wanted to make a handbag for her first project. She used several different fabrics which she had to decide how to do in the cutting class.

Nani came in to one of my 4 hour sewing classes to sew her bag and got it finished before the end. It really came out great. She too took her time sewing. At the end I pinned a lot of her steps so she could get it done faster.

There are other bags in her pattern ready to cut out. I'm not sure if she started sewing them at home since she has a machine. She loves sewing, I'm sure she did sew more bags.

Check out her blog where she posted about sewing her bag and to view more pictures. She has some wonderful pictures of all kinds of things. It's a great blog to follow.

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,

Jan 18, 2009

Buying A Sewing Machine

I run my sewing machine class twice a week. This is the time of year when everyone who got sewing machines as gifts bring them in to learn how to use their new machines. In my class I teach everything about the machine, how it works, all the features and accessories that come with your machine. I also give troubleshooting for your machine. Basically, in my machine class I teach the owners manual.

I teach my students that buying a machine is like buying a car. There are many different brands but basically they all work the same. You have your high end and your low end for each company or brand. Depending on how much you spend will decide how many features and accessories you get with your sewing machine, just like a car. When you buy high end your machine will purr and the lower end machines bang more when used, just like a car. And most of the time the parts used to assemble the machines come from the same factory. Sometimes different brands are made in the same factory then sent off to each company for distribution, just like cars.

I've never been the type to buy a high end car or sewing machine. I'm very happy with the small things in life. Don't get me wrong, I love ridding in nice cars or using high end machines when my students bring them in to learn on but I've never been the type that "has" to own them. You don't "need" to have all the bells and whistles the high end machines have. Most of the time you don't use all the features. They are there to make sewing easier for you, to do your projects faster but their not "needed" to have fun with the art of sewing.

I have many people this time of year bring in their new machines they received as presents. I want people to feel comfortable using their machines so I allow you to bring your machine to learn on. When I tell my students the few things I look for in a sewing machine because of troubleshooting issues they realize the person who bought them a gift did it with good intentions but didn't buy them a well working machine. It all goes back to - you get what you pay for.

When you buy low end machines I can tell you there will be many problems with the bobbin because most low end machines have the bobbins that have to go into a casing before installed in the machine. You have a lot less problems when your machine has a drop in bobbin. If you have this type of bobbin and your machine has problems making a stitch more than likely it will be because you didn't wind the bobbin right or it isn't installed properly. Another problem with these kind of bobbins is they hardly ever finish their rotation when you finish your last stitch to pull out the fabric from the machine. A lot of times you have to turn your hand wheel to bring the needle all the way up to the highest position for the threads not to jam the machine.

Another thing a lower end machine has is a one step buttonhole. When you have to make a few buttonholes it's a lot easier to have the one step as apposed to the four step. In the four step you have to mark where your going to start and stop each hole. In the one step the button goes on the back of your buttonhole foot which decides how big to make each buttonhole.

One more thing I look for when buying a new sewing machine for first time sewer is an automatic threader. It's not like you have to have it but it sure dose make it easier to thread the needle when your eyes don't work so well for you.

So you have your low end $75-150 machines to your high end machines which could be $9000
I stay away from the low end because I promise you - you will have a lot of problems troubleshooting. I don't buy high end either because it is way more machine than I need but I do love to use them when my students bring them in. I like to spend around $400-800 for my machines.

If you need to learn how to use your new sewing machine bring it in with you to any of my machine classes. You can view my schedule online. They do fill quickly so sign up soon to a class that fits your schedule.

If you have taken my classes stop by and sign my guest book I started on my website.

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,

Jan 12, 2009

Kids Sewing Class on Thursday

This is one way for me to get the word out that I still have seats available to my kids class on Thursday January 15.

The kids have a half day of school and are out of school on Friday so I made it easy for the kids to attend. The class is from 5 - 7pm for ages 8-13.

You have your choice what project you want to make from the project list. You must bring your own supplies depending what you want to make from the suggested projects. Tote bag, pants, pillow, pencil holder, apron, skirt.

I schedule kids classes all the time with low to no enrollment. I have parents ask me all the time about kid classes but when I schedule them people don't sign up. This will be my last kids class that will be scheduled. I will schedule kids classes with 3 or more kids but this will be the last kids class I schedule ahead of time.

So if your a kid and want to learn to sew enroll now or if you find a few friends you can schedule a class at a later date.

You can always wait until summer camp. It's "sew" much fun!
AGES 9 - 14
Offered June and July Only
Monday thru Thursday afternoons
3 hours per day $150 per week
You supply all things needed to make your project of your choice.

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,

Jan 8, 2009

Open Your Own Sewing School


If you know how to sew and are good with people sewing could be a form of income for you in these trying times. Depending how much time you put into your business you can be very successful if you find yourself unemployed.

I have people call me from all over the country to ask me about how I opened my sewing school. I also have people call me from all over the country to ask if I know of any where near them who teach sewing the way I run my classes.

People drive sometimes over an hour to take my classes from all over South Florida. There is a great demand from the public to learn the art of sewing.

Are you interested in opening your own sewing school?
I can teach you how to make your business profitable.
I have made mistakes that has cost me money. I can keep you from making the same mistakes I made. I've figured out how to make teaching sewing very rewarding financially.

If your interested in starting a sewing school the information I will tell you will help you on your way to opening a successful sewing school for very little money invested to be your own boss.

I will teach you how and what you need to know to start your business
and the steps you need to take for success.

What you will learn:
Find your competition
Making a business plan
How to set up your business with the IRS
Getting the money needed to start your business
Finding a location to run your classes
What to teach in your classes for adults and kids
How to advertise your business for free
How to build your business for a successful future
Receive all my forms, applications, waivers and class notes
One month of mentoring if you have questions while you're starting your business
Attendance to my classes if desired

Click here to buy this information

Because of the information I give and the nature of the information there are no refunds after purchase. I will not sell this information to anyone who wants to open in South Florida. Sorry - this is my territory. I hope you understand.

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,

Jan 7, 2009

How to prefect your sewing projects

I'm always telling my students "we're all on different levels as far as knowledge, speed and perfection. Embrace the levels your own and try to improve with technique first and speed will come along with perfection. And if you don’t have patience sewing will teach you patience. You also will do very well at sewing when you have common sense.

The trick to sewing, most of the time you put the right sides of the fabric together when sewing your seams. Always tell yourself “two right sides together” while you pin your fabric together. One of the times you don't sew two right sides together is when you install a pocket on a button down shirt. (a common sense thing)

There are some other things you can work on to make your project come out looking better.

1. Take your time pinning your project. Sometimes it could take 30 minutes to pin something and only 5 minutes to sew it. The way you pin is the way it’s going to look when you sew it. Take your time to pin your project the right way. Also pin the edges of the fabric together. When you leave one side of the fabric hanging over the other edge your seam allowance will come out different. I pin a lot of my student’s projects. I do this to keep them from ripping out so many seams. When you have to rip seams it takes longer to complete the project. I try to make sure everyone can get their projects sewn in a few hours. Of course I tell them to start off with “easy” patterns and projects.

2. Stay consistent with your seams. Your seam allowance is the stitch line that you’re sewing in to the edge of the fabric. Most of the time seams are 5/8 inch. Sometimes you do smaller seams but most of the time they are 5/8”. When you don’t stay consistent with your seams your project comes out crooked.

3. Add top stitching to your project. Top stitching is the stitch you see on top of the fabric. It doesn’t do anything to construct the project but it adds a nice finished look. Top stitching looks best when you do it close to the edge of the fabric (as in a collar). To get close to the edge of the fabric a lot of times I’ll have my students install their zipper foot

4. Always press your seams. Again, we’re all on different levels and sometimes there are lazy sewers who don’t want to take the time to press their project as they sew. I can tell you, you will never be able to make your project come out looking good/right, lining up your seams without pressing your project as you sew your seams. A lot of times you can sew several seams before you hit the iron but always press before something get’s attached to that seam.

5. Finish your seams. This goes right along with your perfection level. Some people don’t care what the inside of their project looks like. I like to finish all my seams on a serger or if you don’t have one you can use your zig-zag stitch down your seam to finish. You can cut your seams with pinking sheers to keep it from fraying some but it will still come apart if it’s the kind of fabric that frays. You can always use a liner to hide all your seams. This gets a little tricky to hide your seams but it can be done if you do your seams in the right order.

If you’re looking to make your project look a little more professional try these tips. Or if you would like to join a class and I’ll teach you how to do it. If your looking to teach yourself you can always look at your clothing while you do your laundry to see how other people did things. You can always take a seam ripper and pull things apart. This will also teach you how to do things the right way.

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments ~ make them “sew” much fun,

Jan 4, 2009

January News Letter

Happy New Year!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed spending time with my family. Not having to rush here and there from school and work was a nice break.

I had my first full class at my new location for the New Year. I’m loving being on the Blvd. My place is a little smaller but you really can’t tell when you come to sew. I have a new set up which makes it easier to move around the sewing stations to teach you. I can’t wait for you to see the place.

There's a few things going on this month at Learn 2 Sew. The first thing; I have a kids class scheduled January 15 from 5 – 7pm. For ages 8 - 13. Broward County Schools having an early release that day. Enough time for you to get your homework done before Sewing Class. You can decide what you want to sew. You will need to bring all supplies with you to class listed on my website I have people ask me all the time about kids sewing classes. The past few times I’ve scheduled a kids class I haven’t had anyone enroll. So please if you intend on coming enroll soon or I will be making it an adult class. My adult classes are busy and I could use the time for them.

Another happening this month is…wait for it…. I’m having a free sewing party to celebrate my new location on January 27 from 5 - 8pm. If you would like to attend and own a machine please bring it with you. I only have a few machines. I will not be giving any instruction. This is a time when I get to have fun sewing with you. If you plan on attending you will need to RSVP to give me a heads up you will be there. I have limited seating. I’m also going to provide refreshments ~ yummy.

This is my busiest time of year. Everyone gets new sewing machines for presents and wants to know how to use them. I’ve made it real easy for you to sign up online. I take down the pay now buttons when the class fills. So if you have the urge to sew you can always check online to see what classes are full.

I have some great ideas for blogging this month so if you would like to grab the feed or have it emailed to you just go to my blog and click on the feed buttons. If you would like to show off your sewing project and would like to be added to my blog send me your pictures. If you have a website you would like me to link to my blog and website just send it along. I would love to add you.

I hope to see you real soon.
Until next time,
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,
Learn 2 Sew, Inc
2632 Hollywood Blvd. #103
Hollywood, FL 33021

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