Dec 27, 2008

As another year ends...

I hope everyone's having a wonderful holiday season.

I'm enjoying spending time with my kids. Santa brought everything they wanted and they couldn't say thank you enough. They bought me something that will clean for me. As I opened it they said "all you have to do is push the button when you get out of the shower and you never have to clean it again. Too funny! There were lots of smiles all around.

My daughter also asked me if we are able to change religions because next year she wants to celebrate Hanukkah. I think she has something here. We should celebrate all religious holidays. They're mostly about happy times, smiles and lots of love. To me God is love. What better than to have more days filled with smiles and love for one another. Imagine.....

Which brings me to my gift for all of you. This year I'm giving love. I'm telling people this year "I love you", "I love that about you", "I love how you did that", "I love who you are" and giving many hugs. I believe if we all did this we would have a much better place for all of us.

We all had fun wearing the bah-humbug pants I made for the family to wear to bed Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. (my son was being funny and wouldn't take a good picture- little booger) I didn't have time to make my kids matching t-shirts. (and yes my husband went to Clemson many moons ago). One reason because I bought a new printer last year and it doesn't have the capability to mirror images which is needed when you are doing iron-on transfers with wording. I was going to paint it on but..really..where does the time go?

My classes start up again on Jan 3. If you got a new sewing machine for Christmas and want to learn to use it I run my "Learn the Sewing Machine" Class a couple of times a week. I give tons of information in this class to get you started. I have seats available to all classes and you can sign up online.

I want to have a sewing party real soon to celebrate my new location. I also have some great ideas for special classes in the next few months so If you haven't already sign up to my news letter to stay informed and also to get your class discounts.

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun
and with much LOVE....

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