Dec 22, 2008

Adding Labels To Your Sewing Project

There's only a few days left until Christmas and Hanukkah has already started the time to make or buy your gifts are fast approaching. I wanted to give you another idea for people who love to sew. Not only can you buy them Sewing Class Gift Certificates to help them learn that something they have been putting off. You can also buy them labels for their sewing projects.

I have taught a lot of people who have gone on to make all kinds of things to sell. Some have been very successful in their line of baby clothes, pet clothes/collars, handbags, surgical scrubs and all kids of things. Many of them have added their own labels with their brand name to their designs.

Everyone looks at labels. People associate most things through labels like quality. Today I read an article Private clothes labels taking off
Apparel retailers are taking matters into their own hands: If designers don’t give them what they believe their customers want, the stores are making it themselves and sewing their own labels inside.
In the coming year, look for defined in-store destinations for brands such as Macy’s fashion-driven INC, traditional Charter Club and trendy Style & Co.; Saks Fifth Avenue’s own namesake label in menswear and its upscale casual Clothes(Real) line for women; and Nordstrom’s workplace collection Classiques Entier and the feminine Halogen label.

At Nordstrom, the private label business already represents 12-14 percent of total sales.

The first thing you want to do when you decide you want to add labels to your projects is to decide your name. You can personalize your labels any way you want.

When your ready to buy your labels there are many place you can go online:
Add the perfect finishing touch to your latest sewing, knitting, or quilting project with our pre-woven fabric labels. Choose from "Hand Made By," "Made Especially For You By," "An Original By," or "Made With Tender Loving Care By." We add any name, up to 8 characters. These charming sew-on labels make a thoughtful...
Learn more at Personal Creations

Annie's Attic
Every handmade item is a labor of love.
Here's a label that shows that love - and tells you how to properly care for it, with soak™. Take care for your one-of-a-kind creations in sweet-smelling style. These butter soft sew-in labels are perfect for any hand-made project. Each pack includes 12 labels with sew-on guidelines and 4 phrases.

- don't lose me
- look what I made for you
- hand knit with love
- I made this

CraftPudding has an etsy shop
These are being added to my ETSY shop. Take a look.

The wonderful iSew blog has a great idea on how to make your own labels for your crafts or sewing projects. I really had to give it a try and I was very pleased with the results.
I made a batch of cardholders for my ESTY shop and I love the fact that the labels make the cardholders look nicely finished. I thank iSew for sharing this great idea with others. If you want to know more about how to make your own labels, visit the iSew blog following this LINK. Make sure to visit her online store or Etsy shop because she makes beautiful quilts and wonderful handbags.

Even if you don't sell your items its great to add your personal message to your project.

There are many places to buy your labels. You can have them made or or just buy ones that are made already. You can spend anywhere from $10 - $250 on a few labels depending on how you design your labels and how many you buy.

So have fun with your labels and if you need help sewing your project you know where to come.

I'm having a Machine Class tonight and Sewing Class tomorrow then I will be taking off until after the New Years to spend time with my children for their winter break. I have to say I'm happy to be here in sunny South Florida when I see the weather report for the rest of the country. Everyone is covered with snow and here we are in the 70's. :)

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,

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