Nov 20, 2008

Holiday Gift Certificates for Sewing Classes

If you're looking for an easy gift to give someone sewing lessons make a great gift. Every year I sell several gift certificates to husbands of my students. They also buy them other accessories like a new pair of scissors or other sewing accessories. There's nothing a sewer loves more than getting more toys to sew with. (Maybe some pressure feet they don't have ~hint if my family's reading)

I now have available on my website Gift Certificates for sale. You can buy a $50, $75 or $100 gift.

After you make payment online you can email me with the address of the person you would like to have the gift mailed to. You also have the option of picking up the gift certificate at the sewing center.

It's that easy to give this holiday season.

It's not so easy moving. I have one more week at the location off of Johnson Street. My last class will be next week November 26. I will try to reopen the second week of December. It all depends..... powers out of my control.

I have been able to sew a few things this past week. The weather turned a bit colder this week so I broke down and hit the sale rack to buy some long sleeve shirts for the kids. Hey, this is Florida, we never get cold weather. This is great. So I had to do some hemming on some pants I picked up. It's very easy to keep the old hem in pants. I'm going to take some pictures and do a tutorial on it soon. It really is very easy and some people say "is that all" when I show them.

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun

Nov 6, 2008

November News Letter

Hello again,

Another month has passed and there's some great news to tell you but before I do I have to say one thing. I want to thank everyone who took the time and stood in the lines to vote. You know how passionate I am about the issue. We had record numbers show up at the polls. I am so proud that "we the people" are getting involved. And even though the election is o-v-e-r we still have our jobs to do by staying involved with the issues that matter to you the most.When we all stay involved and do our jobs great things can be accomplished. Ok, enough of that, I'm just so proud of all of you.

So now the really great news. This will be the last month at my present location of 902A North 30 Road as many of you know. I have just signed a new lease at my new location. It's very easy to get to. On Hollywood Blvd just east of I95 - across the street from Hollywood City hall. The address is 2632 Hollywood Blvd. #103. I'm in the Forum Building on the first floor. It's a smaller place than I have now but I wasn't using all the space anyway and there is plenty of parking. It's going to be perfect.

Click here to see google map but basically as your going east on Hollywood Blvd. Right before you go around City Hall circle the Forum building is on the corner.

I signed the lease for December 1. Depending on how fast I can move will depend on when I open again but I think I'm going to try and open for a couple of weeks in December instead of closing for the full month.

I am no longer offering the plan where you pay for future sewing hours in advance. All classes will be “pay as you go” – 2 hours $25 until I move. You must pay for class in advance to reserve your seat. If you have paid for hours in advance you do have an expiration date so make sure you come in and use them before your time expires. Check the calendar for classes that fit your schedule. I will also be raising the prices of some classes and lowering the price of other classes when I move. More on this coming soon. I have a lot of new ideas I'm going to implement when I get in the new location. For one, I'm going to list all of my patterns for anyone to use (rent) from me for a small price if you didn't want to purchase patterns.

That's all for now. I hope to see you soon

Until next time, Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,