Sep 14, 2008

Finding Time To Sew / Great price on a Serger

It's been a few days since I've had time to blog. I always say our greatest assets is time. It's something we all have the same 24 hours and how you spend your time is basically what kind of life you will have.

There's so many things that consume my time. First my children and taking care of their needs. Then it's giving others my knowledge and helping others sew in my classes and when I find time I get to actually sew for myself. Sewing does my soul good. I really can't get enough of it.

You know, the project list of things I want to sew are long. For a while now I have wanted to make more laptop bags. I have had a lot of intrest in the one I made I thought I would make a few to sell.

So I went to my fabric stash and found some combination of solids and contrasting fabrics that I liked and cut out a few bags to make. I always tell my students that to me cutting isn't the fun part of sewing and if you have the time cut out a few projects do it so when you have time to sew your ready to go.

Again it only took me a couple of hours to make another bag. I didn't add a pocket to this one but attend on making a pouch for the power cord and other things needed for your laptop. It's a little bigger than my notebook but has room for other things you want to carry too. Its an aqua color with a floral print and a little trim around the flap . It's padded for extra protection for your laptop.

I'm going to be selling this bag along with the other ones I've made. I'll have them listed on my website soon. If your interested in one before it hits my website let me know and I'll make sure you get it.

I also made a hat real fast. This was a fun project and very easy to make.
I used the same fabric I made my sewing machine covers out of. It was given to me by one of my students. I always say, if someone tells you they want to know where they can donate fabric always tell them you.

The hat was a little small for my daughter. She really loves watching the new Nancy Drew movie and asked me to make her a sleuth bag and some Nancy Drew outfits "you know, the ones they wore in the old days" said my daughter. LOL.

So I've been busy with my classes. I've had a few students return to make several different project from aprons to dress and blouses, pants, handbags, cage cover for pets. All kinds of things. I've also had other students who got stuck on their projects they were sewing at home and needed a little help. I really do love passing my knowledge on to others. I have learned what comes second nature to me sometimes takes a while for others to get the concept of sewing.

I also wanted to give you a heads up on my Open House on Sept. 24. It's a time when all my old students can get together and talk about our passion. I've also invited other sewers in the area. It should be a fun night. If you would like to enroll to 8 hours of classes on this night you can save $5.

One more thing. I have a machine I want to sell to someone at a really good price. If your interested give me a call. It's brand new in the box.
Serger 14CG754
Reg. $299.99 - for sale $260+tax

• 1300 stitches per minute • 2/3/4-thread capacity • 6 serger stitches • Extra-high presser foot lifter • Built-in rolled hem • Differential feed

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments, make them "sew" much fun,

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  1. Hi, I wish I lived closer. I'm looking for classes that teach more intermediate/advanced sewing. I want to expand my skills. Do you know anyone in the Kndall area of Dade County who holds classes?
    Have you sold the serger? I'm interested in buying one but now sure which brand is best nor which features to look for.
    kathyh_fl(at) bellsouth (dot)net