Aug 10, 2008

Changing Your Sewing Surroundings

I don't know about you but I get bored with looking at the same surroundings all the time. I'm always changing things up at my sewing center and home. My kids love coming home from school and finding their rooms have had a makeover.

I needed a change around the sewing center. The first things to go were my seat covers. I made them last year and have taken a beating. My ironing board covers which was also out of the same fabric had turned brown and were a mess from all the use. I bought some purple duck cloth that was on sale to make new ironing board covers. I used the old cover as a pattern to cut new fabric and used the same drawstrings from the old ironing board covers to insert in the new cover. It's very easy to do - just hold the string along the edge of the fabric (after you serged the edges) and sew a zig zag stitch over the string to give it a casing. Just put the fabric on top of your ironing board and pull the string to make it tight around the board.

And I was a bit tired of the plastic sewing machine covers and wanted to make new ones. I was given some purple polyester fabric a few months ago. (hint: when someone says to you "do you know where they can donate fabric" tell them to donate it to you).

Machine covers can be very easy to make. Just measure your sewing machine cut your fabric to the size of your machine. You only need 3 squares. One big square to lay on top to cover the front and back and two other squares for the sides.

Fold your fabric in half where the top would be for each square. Slide a pin in at the fold to mark where to start pinning in the sides to the cover. (sorry the picture isn't very good. If you click on it you will get a better view) Open the fabric where you had folded it and place the two pins on top of each other. This is where you will start pinning the top of the square. You want to leave 5/8" from the edges. A lot of times I will place double pins in the fabric to remind me where to start and stop. Sew the top side of the cover on both sides.

Pivot the fabric around where you bring the side panel edge down to the edge of the front panel. Pin the edges together and sew from your other stitch line down to the bottom of the cover. Do this to all four sides.

Serge all your seams (or finish them but running a zig zag stitch down each seam) and the bottom of the cover. Fold under a little hem at the bottom holding it with a straight stitch. Press your cover really well and you have a new look for your sewing machine.

You can add any decoration you want (ribbons, lace, contracting fabric). I wanted my very simple looking.

It only took me around 10 - 15 minutes to make each cover. I did it in between classes and stayed late one night to finish them. I know I will probably get tired of this look sooner or later and change it up again but's all fun!

Until next time.
Enjoy your moments, make them"sew" much fun,

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