Jul 24, 2008

Tools Needed For Sewing

There is all kinds of things you can buy to help you in sewing. And I do mean all kinds.

There's some very basic supplies needed besides your sewing machine.

Scissors - Like anything you get what you pay for. Spend the money and get good scissors. Use a coupon and buy them up to 50% off. Or buy them when their on sale. You need good scissors to cut most fabric.

Pins and Pin cushion or catcher - One of my safety rules is to always put your pins in something. Never throw them on the table next to you. I've known people who had to have surgery to have pins removed from their foot. Be very careful with your pins. I like using a cushion that goes on my wrist. This way I always have my pins on me when cutting, ironing or at the sewing machine.

Seam Ripper - There's never mistakes in sewing because you can use a seam ripper to take out your seams and sew it all over again.

Tape Measure - If you want things to come out good. Sewing is all about being consistent and a tape helps when cutting and taking body measurements.

Measuring Instruments - It' just makes sewing easier. You don't have to have these tools but sometimes you wish you had them when you don't. A hem/seam gauge is nice to have when working at the iron.

Marking Tools - You need something to mark your fabric with when doing darts, zippers and other things needed to help you sew things better.

Cutting Table or Board - If you have the room a cutting table is nice to have. If you don't you can buy a cutting board for your dinning room table to cut out your projects. The board protects your table from getting scratched by your scissors and pins. It can also fold up to stash away in a closet when you don't have the room for a table.

Iron & Ironing Board - If you want your things to look nice you have to iron them as you sew. There are all different things to help you at the ironing board from tailors hams to pressing cloths.

Again, there are all kinds of implements of sewing construction as I like to call them. If you can think of it I'm sure you can find it out there to buy. You can spend a lot of money on your sewing tools are not very much but remember you get what you pay for. And don't forget to use your coupons to save yourself money.

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,

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