Jul 18, 2008

My Season 5 Project Runway Review

I have to say I LOVE THIS SHOW! They get some really crazy people on there. Some very creative people who really know what their doing others not so much.

This show has really caused teens and twenty somethings to have a very strong desire to sew. I ask everyone who takes my class if they watch this show. Almost all say yes and have big old smiles when you mention it.

Thanks to 'Project Runway,' sewing is hip again

The patterns can be created with a 3-D virtual supermodel straight out of a video game. The fabrics can be as organic as grass-fed chickens. The clothes themselves have style and flair.

In other words, sewing isn't solely Grandma's hobby anymore. The rise of the craft movement and a growing do-it-yourself vibe in American culture has given garment-making a boost, particularly among younger people.

"I think it's got a little more status now," said Maria Kurutz, a lecturer in the textile and apparel design program at UW-Madison. "The difference between 'homemade' and a 'one-of-a-kind creation' has turned the tables."

A popular TV show hasn't hurt, either. "Project Runway" began its fifth season on Bravo this week, helping to inspire a whole new generation of designers.

"It has validated what we do," said Danyel Harlem-Siegel, a fashion design major at UW-Madison. "In high school, if I said I wanted to major in fashion design, it was like it was some slacker thing to do."

Those who sew for pleasure are growing in numbers, too. The Home Sewers Association reported that there are 35 million sewing hobbyists in the U.S., up from 30 million in 2000. Time magazine reports that sales of Singer sewing machines have doubled since 1999.

The first challenge was another visit to the grocery store for your material to make their design. I did love Kelli's dress. It was very creative the way she died the the cloth and coffee filters and using the pins in the back were very smart.

It's going to take me a little bit to remember all their names but I really liked the sweater mop, the napkin dress and the cup dress was really smart. The three who were the worst were awful and not very creative at all. I thought all of them should have been off and probably will be soon. The garbage bag dress could have been done by an 8 yr old. And the one guy who thought he was so great - the one who wore the knit cap has a lot to learn.

You can really tell the difference with the professional and the ones who have no idea what their doing in the first few episodes of every Project Runway. They do have a great group of people this season. Its going to be a lot of fun watching.

My pick to win the whole thing - Keith - or maybe Kelli. :)

Until next time.
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew"much fun,

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