Jul 10, 2008

Making Your Body Double

The one thing a lot of people want to learn to do is make their cloths fit better be it bought or made clothing. Having your own body's dress form is a nice to have. You don't have to keep trying on the garment while you adjust or sew it. It's easier to pin what you want to do.

Making a body double is done in 3 steps. The first is to tape your body, second stuff your form and third put it on a stand. I help people with step one taping your body.

There are many places online that gives you advice from other people on the problems they ran into when making their form. There's also a great article in Sew News from a couple of years ago where Connie Amaden-Crawford explains how to make your form. I refer people to this article all the time. It has a lot of good information in it.

A DRESS FORM DUPLICATES THE HUMAN TORSO. It's usually made of papiermaché and covered with a heavy linen fabric, which is steamed to tightly conform to the dress form. It has collapsible arms and is set on a movable, height-adjustable stand. Dress forms are available in standard sizes and figure types. Adjustable dress forms are the most common forms on the market today. However, an adjustable form leaves spaces where it's imperative to pin when fitting a pattern, such as the center front, center back and shoulders. Garment manufacturers use dress forms to drape original designs and perfect basic blocks or patterns. Sample garments are then fitted, checked and corrected on the form. Manufacturers select more general forms because their basic patterns and designs are proportioned to fit a variety of customers without involving too many alterations.

Custom Dress Form

This basic form can be made in about an hour. New forms are easily made as the body changes or if various body sizes are needed. Create a dress form for your personal use or for your business when individual fit is necessary. The featured dress form has a finished linen shell with a shoulder princess seam. An arm, made from canvas and firmly stuffed, is also available to attach to the dress form. (See "Sources" at the end of this article.) The arm is used to drape and check the finished sleeve fit.

Body doubles are fun to make. If you want to make one have a friend help you. If you don't have anyone to help reserve a session with me and I can help you.

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