Jun 9, 2008

Easy Patterns for your First Projects

There are many things you could make as your first sewing project. We are all different - what we want to sew is different. What we want to learn is different. This is why I let you decide what you want to make in my sewing classes so that you can create the passion for sewing. Its really no fun when I tell you what you have to make.

Here are some easy ideas to learn how to sew. If your going to take one of my classes this is a few places where you can shop online for your ideas before you hit the store to buy your supplies.

Simplicity has It's So EASY clothing patterns that are very simple to make.

And New Look

Butterick has Easy See & Sew
B5199 B5205 B4431 B4169

Easy Stitch 'N Save
M5559 M5366 M5165

The possibilities are endless what you can sew.

Pick something that has EASY on the package

If your making clothing make sure you have your measurements. Never assume your size. There will be a measuring chart in the pattern books and on the back of the patterns. Use the biggest size out of the three. (bust-waist-hips) So take your measurements - never assume your size. Click Here to learn how to take your measurements.

Look on the back of the envelope to see what you need to make whatever "view" you are making. (view A, view B, etc...)

The first thing listed usually is suggested fabric. Walk around the fabric store or ask a salesperson for help to find the fabric you want to use for your project. On the back of the pattern envelope you will see how much fabric is needed for your size. Depending on the width of the fabric (45" - 60") will decide how many yardage is needed of fabric. Pick up the fabric needed to make your view. I always buy extra fabric. Its fun to have extra fabric for other projects. They will tell you how much is needed for interfacing (adds body and stiffness to fabric- found by the cutting tables) and liner fabric or contracting fabric. You can always use the same fabric instead of using a contrast and liner...just add it to the total yardage of the fabric needed.

The next thing usually listed on the back of the envelope are "notions" - which are -thread (because everything needs thread) :) zippers, buttons, velcro, hook & eye. Anything needed to make the view you have chosen.

AND - you have to read the whole way down the envelope. Often they hide things on the bottom that says "For All Views" . A lot of people miss this and often have to hit the store again to get everything needed to make their project like liner fabric or interfacing.

Don't forget before you cut your project out to always wash your fabric. There's nothing worse than making something, wearing it one time, wash it and not have it fit you again. So wash your fabric before you come to class.

So if your looking for an easy project to bring with you to sewing class the possibilities are endless. Just remember to get an E-A-S-Y pattern. Pick a pattern that has the elements you want to learn.

I'll see you in class.......

Until next time.
Enjoy your moments, make them "sew" much fun,

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