May 9, 2008

Fast and Easy Mothers Day Gifts

I have two great ideas for fast and easy Mothers Day gifts.

A welcome mat is very easy to make.

I used duck cloth, gripper fabric for the bath trim around the outside edges...and fabric paint.

With two right sides together sew the gripper fabric to the duck cloth leaving an opening to flip right side out (don't forget to cut your corners to take out bulk after you sew the two pieces together). To close the opening sew the trim around the edges after you paint whatever you want on the front of the welcome mat. You can spray the paint with a lacquer finish so the paint doesn't wear off ..or to keep it from getting dirty when people walk on it.

Another easy project is a Letter/Card holder. Write a letter to your mom telling how much you love her to put inside.

You can use scrap fabric for this project. Cut 2 squares big enough
to make either a one fold (like a book) or three fold card holder. You can use contrasting fabric for the inside. With two right sides together sew a big square leaving an opening at one of the sides to flip right side out. Again cut your corners before you flip. Do a top stitch around the edges to close your opening. Do any decorative stitch to jazz it up a many as you want, be creative. Fold the bottom of the square up to make a little folder (flap) to put your cards and letters in. Sew down the sides and depending if you want a one fold (like a book) or two folds - sew the flap in the center.
Cut/Sew a long tie and attached it to the outside of the holder to hold the letter holder together.


Until next time...
Enjoy your moments, make them "sew" much fun,

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