May 29, 2008

Learning from the Sewing Magazines

I tell my students all the time go pick up the sewing magazines. There are 5 or 6 different ones. I learn things all the time and get great ideas from them.

In this months Sew News they had a great tip on smocking. It looks very easy the way Linda Lee explains it.
Smock On

By Linda Lee

What technique marks and tacks fabric from the wrong side to create a trellis look on the right side?

The technique that you're referring to is called reversed smocking, and it's done by hand on the fabric wrong side. Using the illustration at right as a guide, mark a series of dots in a 1" grid on the fabric wrong side, using a pencil or a non–bleeding marking pen (5).

Check out the article online for a lot more information on how to do this.

I can't wait to try it!

She also gives good tips on how to prevent cording from raveling when making a pillow - or anytime you want to use cording.

So, Check out the sewing magazines. I really do learn a lot from them.

When I find good tips like these I will pass them along to you.

I'll be back to tell you about my new project soon - turning old t-shirts into new panties. I'm having a lot of fun making them. I need to pick up more elastic. I didn't have a whole lot in my stash.

One more week of school! I can't wait to have my kids home for the summer. Summer camp is also filling up so if you plan on attending you better reserve your seats soon.

Until next time.
Enjoy your moments, make them "sew" much fun,

May 27, 2008

Memorial Day - Voting Fabric Art

A lot of people who take my sewing classes know there's one question I try to ask everyone. Do you vote? It's my goal to get more people to use their freedom.

I have a friend who's son died in Iraq. Many of you have honored him by reading his first letter home. The Memorial Day weekend for me is a time to think about him and all who gave their lives to us for our freedom...our right to vote. Voting is an important subject for me as a lot of you know.

We have 1.76 mil. people living here in this county. In Broward County 1 out of 3 people are registered to vote

Registered Voters as of 05/27/2008
Republican: 235,694
Democratic: 481,208
Other: 213,495
Total: 930,397

Out of those registered we are lucky to get 20 - 30% show up at the polls. I really don't understand this. We have choices and so many rather not even make the choice. When you decide not to make a choice someone will make one for you. The decision will be made. Wouldn't it be great if you were part of the decision?

I hope people do use their freedom by voting. It really only takes a few minutes. It takes more time to educate yourself before you go to the polls to decide how you want to vote which you should really do before you make your decision. It all only takes a few hours to give to your country - to yourself.

I made this sign for my shop. I'm going to put applications to register for all 3 counties. I want to do as much as I can to advance our wonderful county for "we the people".

I hope you thought of them during the Memorial Day weekend. If you didn't - can you take a moment right now to be thankful for what you were given.

Until next time.
Enjoy your moments, make them "sew" much fun,

May 9, 2008

Fast and Easy Mothers Day Gifts

I have two great ideas for fast and easy Mothers Day gifts.

A welcome mat is very easy to make.

I used duck cloth, gripper fabric for the bath trim around the outside edges...and fabric paint.

With two right sides together sew the gripper fabric to the duck cloth leaving an opening to flip right side out (don't forget to cut your corners to take out bulk after you sew the two pieces together). To close the opening sew the trim around the edges after you paint whatever you want on the front of the welcome mat. You can spray the paint with a lacquer finish so the paint doesn't wear off ..or to keep it from getting dirty when people walk on it.

Another easy project is a Letter/Card holder. Write a letter to your mom telling how much you love her to put inside.

You can use scrap fabric for this project. Cut 2 squares big enough
to make either a one fold (like a book) or three fold card holder. You can use contrasting fabric for the inside. With two right sides together sew a big square leaving an opening at one of the sides to flip right side out. Again cut your corners before you flip. Do a top stitch around the edges to close your opening. Do any decorative stitch to jazz it up a many as you want, be creative. Fold the bottom of the square up to make a little folder (flap) to put your cards and letters in. Sew down the sides and depending if you want a one fold (like a book) or two folds - sew the flap in the center.
Cut/Sew a long tie and attached it to the outside of the holder to hold the letter holder together.


Until next time...
Enjoy your moments, make them "sew" much fun,

May 7, 2008

Make an Easy Halter Top

A few weeks ago my daughter brought me her doll from "High School Musical" and asked me to make a top like her doll. It was a red halter top. She explained to me how to make it :) I asked her if it mattered what color I made it because I didn't have red fabric. It wasn't a problem.

I cut a front in this shape bringing in a waist line, cutting an angle up for the arms and scooping the neckline.

I just folded down the front at the bottom of the arms - cut it across to make the back. Press one fold at the top 1/2" and the second fold 1" making a casing for the elastic. Cut the elastic smaller than the width of the back to gather the back.

Cut bias tape (diagonal of the salvage edge) enough to finish the front arm to give it a finished look. Sew two right sides together. Press your seam up towards the strip. Press 1/4" on the top of the strip - bring this fold over the seam. Either do stitching in the ditch or a top stitch on the right side of the fabric. ( when you sew on the wrong side you could get a straight line but when you flip it over to the right side it will be crooked)

Fold and press the top 1/4". Fold another 1/2" and press for the tie to run through.
Cut 1" strip (or use ribbon) as long as you want to make the tie. Sew 2 right sides together and flip your tie right side out. Run your tie through the top of the halter.

With two right sides together sew the side seams matching the top finished edges. Finish your seams with the serger or running a zig zag stitch down your seam.

Hem the bottom and you have a very easy halter top for the summer time. It put a real big smile on my daughters face when I brought it home.

Seats are going quick for Sewing Summer Camp. One week is full. If your interested in summer camp you need to enroll soon before there aren't any seats available.

Until next time...
Enjoy your moments, make them "sew" much fun,