Apr 26, 2008

Going Green - Dress & Shirt

I had 2 students make real easy first projects.

Virginia made this green dress which only took around 6 hours.
It was a McCalls pattern. I didn't write down the number..oops :) It has a draw string at the bottom of the bodice.

There is one thing about this pattern. I really don't like when they use two halves in the front facings instead of putting it on the fold when cutting so that you don't have a lot of bulk when you get the four sections come together. I always try to make less bulk and hide as many seams as I can.

Stephany came in to the cutting class last night. It took her less than 2 hours to cut this shirt out. She came back today for sewing time and made her shirt in 3 hours

They both did a great job.

I love passing on my knowledge to other people, sit back and watch what they do with it. Some people make beautiful things their very first project.

I also made a top for my daughter today. I'll be back soon to show you pictures and tell you how I made it.

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments, make them "sew" much fun,

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