Mar 9, 2008

My New Toy A Steam Press - Now On Sale

I haven't been able to sew anything in a couple of weeks. Last week I had something real bad happen. I caught the flu and was in bed for 5 long days along with my daughter. It's very hard to take care of a child while your not feeling good yourself. All she wanted was "hold me mommy". I wish I could say that to my mom except I don't fit in her lap :) So, I have to thank everyone who change their schedule because of my illness. My classes are filling up for next week so hopefully things will get back to normal.

I did get a new toy from Singer while I was out.I had to chase down the UPS delivery because I was never at my shop. My new toy...... A new Steam Press. I can't wait to use it. There are those times when you can't press your project well with a hand held iron. Sometimes the fabric rolls because you can't apply enough pressure. The steam press does it all for you. I'm selling them for $269.00. I can order it and you can have it within a week. I'll be using it this week and writing my review on my website soon.

I also ordered more dress forms. They didn't have red because they were on back ordered for 2 months so I got the gray ones. I think I actually like the gray better. Sometimes the red is very bright on your clothing your making. Come by and pick one up while I still have them. I can always order more if I run out and have it to you within a week.

Also, another new thing happening at Learn 2 Sew. I'm no longer having Open Sewing on Friday's. I didn't have enough people showing up and I had other people who wanted me to have classes. Since it wasn't profitable having Open Sewing I am now using the time for classes. If anyone wants to attend a class to use my equipment they are more than welcome to sit in if seats are available. People who pay me $5 per hour to rent my machines won't get any instruction. Only people who pay for the class will be given sewing instruction. So check my calendar for the new schedule.

It's my daughter's birthday at the end of the month. She wants me to make her a new bag to carry her dance shoes to class with her. She said she had to dump out all her shoes on the floor to find the ones she wants (tap, jazz, ballet) She's already misplaced 3 pairs of jazz shoes. I have a great idea to make a new one. It will me one of my next projects.

Until next time.
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,

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