Feb 13, 2008

Make your own Valentines Day Candy Bag

The best gift you could give someone is something homemade. They will keep it with them always because you made it for them.

This Valentines Day instead of buying something at the store you should try making your loved ones something special. A Candy Bag.....

They are very easy to make.

*Cut 4 hearts - any size. 2 to be used on the out side - 2 to be used for a liner. Cut any size handles for each side.

*Add lace for girl bags and no lace for the boy bags.

*Sew one outside heart to one of the liners. (right sides together)
If you want to add lace for girls you can place it in between these hearts.
Also add handles (any length) or use lace or ribbon, be creative. These go between the fabric too with all the edges together so then when you turn it inside out they will pop out.

*Sew all around the heart leaving an opening towards the bottom of one sides.

*Flip your heart right side out with the handle sticking up.

*Sew the other side of the bag the same way.

*With the two liners together sew down both sides and bottom so the bag is open at the top.

*Fill it with your favorite candy. My loved ones love kisses :)

"May we all feel love for each other a little more on this day of love....."

Until next time....
Enjoy your Valentines Day, make it "sew" much fun,

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  1. Hi! It's Ariela. How are you? It has been so long since i've been in one of your classes! I just never got a chance to. But do not worry, I kept on sewing, a lot! :D I think I will buy one of your Singer Dress Forms as soon as I get earn enough money. Well, I just wanted to say Hello, so HELLO! :D Bye