Feb 26, 2008

Fabric Art , A Vest and A Dress

I had a lot of ideas for fabric art. This is one of them. I made this outfit for my daughter (different fabric) a short little jacket with a skirt. I think it came out cut and it looks great on my wall.

I also made this vest a few weeks ago with fabric that was given to me. I would have never bought this fabric if I came across it. I'm always inspired by fabric. But I do think it came out good. I love to wear vest. I think it would have looked better with black for the back leaving the red as liner. Vest are very easy to make and you really don't need a pattern to make them.

Ya know, I'm really bad about taking pictures of finished projects by the students. I keep saying I'm going to take pics and I never do. I'm going to start telling people to take pictures and send them to me. So...a shout out to past students if you would like to share any of your projects just send me pics and I will post them here.

Lorette came in last month and made this white dress. She did a great job on her first project. She likes things to look just right and took her time sewing, took out things she didn't like and resewed them. The finish product came out great. She is very brave to wear white, a color I can never wear because sure enough as soon as I do it becomes a mess.

I've had a lot of people sign up for sewing time classes. I've been letting people make their own schedule which works out really great for them but I'm amazed all the time how people pay for classes and don't show up. I wish they would give the time to themselves and show up to learn the art but people are busy and always put off tomorrow what they could do today.

I have a lot of things I want to sew on my list of things to do. I want to start posting tutorials on how to make easy projects. Check back soon to see what I have to share with you.

Until next time.
Enjoy your moments, make them "sew" much fun,
C indy

Feb 24, 2008

Happy 50th Birthday to the Peace Sign

I have always loved the peace sign...since the days of my youth.

Peace Sign Turns 50

The peace sign turns fifty years old today. Over the past five decades the peace sign has become one of the world’s enduring icons. The original peace sign was developed in 1958 by a British textile designer and conscientious objector named Gerald Holtom. He created the symbol by combining the semaphore letters N and D, for nuclear disarmament. On Feb. 21, 1958 the symbol was accepted by the Direct Action Committee Against Nuclear War. The symbol soon began to be used in anti-nuclear protests across Britain and then spread across the globe.

This week I played around with the peace sign making fabric art and a t-shirt

First the fabric art. This is an idea I've had for a long time. Using scraps of fabric to make art. I cut out different sizes of peace signs started with the bigger ones and worked my way to the small ones applying them with a straight stitch so the fabric would fray. I appliquéd the word imagine with a zig zag stitch around each letter. I mitered the corners and added the same fabric as a backing. I have a lot of bamboo growing in my yard. I'm going to use it to run through the top of the yellow ribbon I added to the top to hang from. I wish we all could imagine peace - love the next person as we would want them to love us. There is one thing we all want...to be loved. I have some other ideas for "fabric art" using the different colors of ribbons.

The next project only took me about 30 minutes to do. I took more scrap fabric. Again appliquéd a peace sign on a square with a zig zag stitch then with a straight stitch sewed the square to a t-shirt and frayed the edges. I really like the way this turned out. I'm going to make more to sell.

I want to come out with a whole collection of items using the peace sign.
If we only had peace.....

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments, make them "sew" much fun

Feb 23, 2008

Have you been watching Project Runway?

I love watching this show. I love it because it's bringing sewing back. All the young people see what can happen when you can be creative and know how to put the fabric together to make anything of your dreams. Every Wednesday at 10pm I sit myself down to watch.

So, before I start my day teaching the art to others I thought I would share what I just found. Just when you thought it was almost to the end of the show they give us this.


They brought back all of the designers to bring their collection and we get to vote on them. This is only an online thing....but...it's great fun to see what they all brought to the runway.

Go check them out and vote. I like Jillian's best

I'll post again soon. The peace sign turned 50 years old. I love peace signs. I'll be back to show you what I made.

Until then,
Enjoy your moments, make them "sew" much fun,

Feb 13, 2008

Make your own Valentines Day Candy Bag

The best gift you could give someone is something homemade. They will keep it with them always because you made it for them.

This Valentines Day instead of buying something at the store you should try making your loved ones something special. A Candy Bag.....

They are very easy to make.

*Cut 4 hearts - any size. 2 to be used on the out side - 2 to be used for a liner. Cut any size handles for each side.

*Add lace for girl bags and no lace for the boy bags.

*Sew one outside heart to one of the liners. (right sides together)
If you want to add lace for girls you can place it in between these hearts.
Also add handles (any length) or use lace or ribbon, be creative. These go between the fabric too with all the edges together so then when you turn it inside out they will pop out.

*Sew all around the heart leaving an opening towards the bottom of one sides.

*Flip your heart right side out with the handle sticking up.

*Sew the other side of the bag the same way.

*With the two liners together sew down both sides and bottom so the bag is open at the top.

*Fill it with your favorite candy. My loved ones love kisses :)

"May we all feel love for each other a little more on this day of love....."

Until next time....
Enjoy your Valentines Day, make it "sew" much fun,