Nov 6, 2007

Learning to sew while making Disney clothes

This student has taken my class twice making the shame shirt both times. She wanted to understand the pattern before she moved on to another project.

She and her husband go to Disney several times a year. She wants to make clothing to wear to the park. She also made patches to sew on jeans using faces from it's a small world.

She signed up to the Mon/Wed class last night and started another style of top, a button down shirt.

I have the last Tuesday class tonight. We started with 5 people. Only 3 came last week so I'm not sure what pictures I'll be taking of the finished products for you all to see. I am amazed all the time how many people sign up to take classes and never bother to show up. Sometimes they don't show up to the first class out of the four so I know it's not me. What's up with that? Part of sewing is following through to complete your project. Persistence and following through with what you started makes you good at sewing. It's how you learn, never give up.

Until next time...
Enjoy your moments, make them "sew" much fun,

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