Nov 17, 2007

When cold weather hits it's time to sew new jackets

Kids grow up fast. The clothes my son started out with a few months ago when school started are short in the legs and sleeves on him. We don't wear our winter clothes much in South Florida so when he put on his jacket for school yesterday It was really time for a new one.

Joann had the fabric on sale for $3.50 a yard. It only took 1 1/2 yard to make. I made the jacket in a few hours. It probably wouldn't have taken as long but I had a few people come in for open sewing who needed my help. I wanted to get my daughters made too but that didn't happen. So, brown for my son and purple for my daughter. My little man loves it.

Nadine has been coming in making hand bags to give away as gifts. She is recycling her fabric from her stash. She already has 4 made with 2 more to go.

Today I'm trying something new. I'm starting a pattern class in 2 four hour sessions instead of 4 two hour sessions. So many people drive an hour to take my classes. I'm tired of the oil companies making record profits while we pay record prices at the pump. I don't want to add to the problem so I'm going to try to add more 2 session classes.

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments, make them "sew" much fun,

Nov 15, 2007

Another Disney Shirt and New Window Signs

I made new signs for my window at my sewing center. I switching from paper to fabric. I used safety pins and tape to hang them in the window. The sun faded my paper signs. I used scrap fabric to make them except for the muslin I used for the background. I wanted to use muslin because when the lights are on inside you can see through the sign for easy reading.

Terri also came back to make another Disney shirt. I think her nemo button down came out really cute. She is going to make them for the rest of her family so on their next visit to the park they will all be dressed the same.

Until next time....
Enjoy your moments, make them "sew" much fun,

Nov 9, 2007

Tuesday Night Sewing Class Follow Up

I have been very busy lately with getting my merchant account up and running so I can accept charge cards and getting ready for the holiday season that is around the corner. My kids have also kept me busy with all their school projects.

Last Tuesday was the last night of this pattern class. I wanted to do a follow up from the first night 4 weeks ago. We started with 5 people and ended with 4. Two people didn't return after the first night and one joined the last couple of classes.

They did finish the projects at the end of class. I only wish I could have taken out my camera before they walked out the door. I got busy talking but did pull it out during class when everyone was busy at work.

Today is open sewing. I have a few people coming in to sew with me. I'm still busy making fabric signs for my front window. I'm changing seasons from Halloween to the winter holiday's. My little man also needs some new pants and shorts. He is growing so tall all the clothes he started school with are short on him. Pictures to come soon of my window signs.

I have a machine class tomorrow. My classes are starting to slow down. We all get consumed this time of year with with other things. I have some great things planned in the next couple of months. I just need to find the time to do it all. There is never enough time. If there was one thing I wish I had more of was time.

Until next time.
Enjoy your moments, make them "sew" much fun,

Nov 6, 2007

Learning to sew while making Disney clothes

This student has taken my class twice making the shame shirt both times. She wanted to understand the pattern before she moved on to another project.

She and her husband go to Disney several times a year. She wants to make clothing to wear to the park. She also made patches to sew on jeans using faces from it's a small world.

She signed up to the Mon/Wed class last night and started another style of top, a button down shirt.

I have the last Tuesday class tonight. We started with 5 people. Only 3 came last week so I'm not sure what pictures I'll be taking of the finished products for you all to see. I am amazed all the time how many people sign up to take classes and never bother to show up. Sometimes they don't show up to the first class out of the four so I know it's not me. What's up with that? Part of sewing is following through to complete your project. Persistence and following through with what you started makes you good at sewing. It's how you learn, never give up.

Until next time...
Enjoy your moments, make them "sew" much fun,