Oct 26, 2007

Sewing Machines For Sale

I've been building my business in baby steps. Last week I was authorized to sell Singer sewing machines and equipment. I placed my first order on Wednesday and my machines arrived on Monday. I'm offering 3 different machines along with a serger machine. I'm also selling their body form.

I'm selling my Brothers and Simplicity machines at a really good price. I'm only going to use Singer to teach my class. You can come in and try the machines. If you like them you can buy one...or two :)

All the information along with pictures about the machines I have offered are on my website if you are interested.

I also started a merchant account to help sell my new machines. I have to hook up all the equipment they sent me so I can accept charge cards in my sewing center.

Things are moving right along with my business. I'm setting goals for myself and meeting those goals. Not in the time I would like to do them in but hey, I'm mom first....and boy do my kids keep me busy!

Today is Open Sewing Friday - I love Friday's !! I have to finish a few things on the kids Halloween costumes. (Wednesday is Halloween). I also have a new sign to make for my front window "Sewing Machines Sold Here". Several people told me they were coming in today to sew with me. I is raining here which kinda keeps people away so I will see how many show up. Remember - Open Sewing is only $5 per hour. I'm there all day, come and sew as long as you want.

Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,

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