Oct 12, 2007

Another Halloween Costume "Luke, Use The Force"

May the force be with you.

My son loves Star Wars. He's watching it right now. I put a smile on his face when I brought home his Halloween Costume. I finished it during Open Sewing today. Another fun project to sew. I think I'm still going to tweak a few things. He's noticing the differences between what I made and what he is seeing on TV. He's telling me how to do it :) Cute - huh? I made the belt so he can hang his life saver on it.

My 3 classes are busy tomorrow. There have been some really cute things made. Sometimes I'm very surprised how creative some people can be. I love teaching them things that make them that much better.

I'm not sure what my next project's going to be. Probably some holiday something or other. :)
Until then...

Enjoy your moments, make them "sew"much fun,

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