Aug 12, 2007

What We've been sewing

Remember I told you about the shorts I loved so much I had to make a new pair - so I took a seam ripper to them and pulled all the pieces apart. I cut out 2 from different fabric.

They came out great and fit really well. I love wearing them that I'm going to make another pair. Pictrues to come soon.

I also refashioned a couple of shirts. I've been wearing orange on Friday's. If you want to know why you will have to research it :) It is very hot here in SoFlo. I don't need long sleeve shirts.... so I cut the sleeves off a button down I love. It was given to me years ago. I love the color but haven't worn it much.

And I have a concert Tshirt I'm going to refashion. More to come on this project. I can't wait to finish it!! I love it the way it is - I'm going to love what I'm going to do.

Ally also has been sewing. She made a top, belt and arm warmers. OK, I did some if the sewing for her. She says she can't do circles. I tell her if you say you can't do it, you can't. If you practice you will get better but you have to practice first. She still said "will you do it Mommy?" :)

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,

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