Aug 23, 2007

Pictures as promised - 3 shorts and a concert Tshirt

I'm really happy I made shorts. I really needed some new pairs. It's so hot here in South Florida. As soon as you walk out the door of the AC you can feel the heat slap you in the face.
So, here's the 3 pair of shorts I made from old shorts that I just loved.

I like the way my concert t-shirt turned out too. I cut out the front and back of the neckline. Added some red fabric to finish the edge that you can only see on the inside. I cut the sleeves off. Made a seam and took in under the arms because it was to wide. I gathered the sleeves and reattached them to the shirt. Then I used some bias tape under the arm to finish the raw edge. I like the way it hangs off the shoulders.

I'm going to do a lot more refashion to the clothes hanging in my closet I never wear. Why spend the money on new clothes when I can make new from the old. Recycle ...the way to go.

It's been a slow week at the sewing center. I have a couple seats left to Saturdays Machine and Pattern Class. ~ School started this week which is keeping people from signing up to classes. I'm happy I've been slow because I've had car problems this week. In fact my car is sitting in front of my shop right now because I couldn't get it started last night when I closed. Things happen for a reason.....

I have some things I want to sew for the sewing center. I'll be back to share my new sewing projects. Until then...

Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,

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