Jun 22, 2007

My 5 minutes on NBC6 was fun - First week of summer camp

It was a lot of work for my five minutes on TV. I had to decide what projects I was going to bring and 20 hours before I was going to be on they called me to tell me they wanted me to sew something while I was on. I decided to sew the very easy place mat bag.

I was at the studio for a total of one and a half hours. They brought me in the studio. I set all my stuff up on a table they had for me. There was nothing to hang the clothes I had brought so we had to use a poll David (the person who takes care of everything on stage) gave me. I made it work.

As I'm setting up my little area I hear " we have 2 minutes Bob" then they count down the seconds...and the show starts. I watch them off the side of where I am start the show. Then Bob walks over to where I was setting up to do the news. He went back to the chairs to talk more about the Rag shop going out of business after a commercial break. Pam walked over to me and started talking.

She told me how she sewed when she was in jr. high school. We talked for a few and then we were on the air- LIVE! Before I knew it she was talking to the camera "when we return we will be speaking to Cindy from Learn 2 sew" It was wild! They move around the studio like its their home talking to visitors who come visit them.

In my 5 minutes I talked about how sewing is a lost art. Summer camp and projects they kids can sew, sewed my little project they wanted me to do and before I knew it....it was over.

I thought I did ok. I don't like hearing myself talk - or looking at myself :) but I did good. I am proud of what I did. I didn't worry about being live on tv. I just took things as they came to me and enjoyed my moments.

I thought they might have the video on their website but they don't. They just have this little blurb:
Sewing Class
Before shopping malls and women in the workplace, sewing used to be a way of life for women. But most of us are hard-pressed just to sew on a button these days. Cindy Fetzer from Learn To Sew Florida shows you how easy and fun sewing can be. If you'd like to give sewing a try, call Cindy at 954-962-5979 or visit http://www.learn2sewflorida.com

I did set the recorder before I left home so I have a copy of it. The only thing is I'm not allowed to share it with you on here. So come in to my shop and I'll show you my 5 minutes of fame.


I had my first week of summer camp. There were 5 girls for the week. They made some great projects. From pants with a fly zipper, a couple of tops, a couple of dresses, bags, pillows, pencil holder. Some of the girls didn't know how to use a machine on the first day and made some beautiful projects. I'm so proud of them!

Today is open sewing. I don't think I will be sewing today. This week has worn me out. I'm tired :)

Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,


  1. hi cindy it is mara the pictures came out so cute!!!

  2. Hi Mara,
    They are so cute because you did a great job sewing them! Your going to love wearing your shorts too. C U 2morrow!

  3. hi cindy,
    its mara i just wanted to let u know tht me and my step sister are most likely going to come to camp this summer i am looking forward to seeing you again.