Jun 29, 2007

Week 2 of Summer Camp - and - next week July 4th

The second week of summer camp was as much fun as the first week. Several projects were made. Some very challenging. Shorts with fly zippers, pants and tops for sleepwear, pillows, skirts, dresses.

We had a couple of girls from the first week join us for another week. They have come so far in just a couple weeks of sewing. From not knowing how to use a machine at all to cutting and making clothing. I have to say, I was very impressed with these new sewers.

The passion has been created. There is nothing these girls couldn't make with a little help. In the years to come they will be making all kinds of things with the talent they have.

Today is another Open Sewing Friday. Tomorrow I still have seats available to the machine class. Next week is a little slow with July 4th being on Wednesday. I believe a lot of people are taking their vacations. AND a heads up. I'll be on vacation starting next weekend from July 7th to the 14th.

Enjoy your moments, make them "sew" much fun,

Jun 22, 2007

My 5 minutes on NBC6 was fun - First week of summer camp

It was a lot of work for my five minutes on TV. I had to decide what projects I was going to bring and 20 hours before I was going to be on they called me to tell me they wanted me to sew something while I was on. I decided to sew the very easy place mat bag.

I was at the studio for a total of one and a half hours. They brought me in the studio. I set all my stuff up on a table they had for me. There was nothing to hang the clothes I had brought so we had to use a poll David (the person who takes care of everything on stage) gave me. I made it work.

As I'm setting up my little area I hear " we have 2 minutes Bob" then they count down the seconds...and the show starts. I watch them off the side of where I am start the show. Then Bob walks over to where I was setting up to do the news. He went back to the chairs to talk more about the Rag shop going out of business after a commercial break. Pam walked over to me and started talking.

She told me how she sewed when she was in jr. high school. We talked for a few and then we were on the air- LIVE! Before I knew it she was talking to the camera "when we return we will be speaking to Cindy from Learn 2 sew" It was wild! They move around the studio like its their home talking to visitors who come visit them.

In my 5 minutes I talked about how sewing is a lost art. Summer camp and projects they kids can sew, sewed my little project they wanted me to do and before I knew it....it was over.

I thought I did ok. I don't like hearing myself talk - or looking at myself :) but I did good. I am proud of what I did. I didn't worry about being live on tv. I just took things as they came to me and enjoyed my moments.

I thought they might have the video on their website but they don't. They just have this little blurb:
Sewing Class
Before shopping malls and women in the workplace, sewing used to be a way of life for women. But most of us are hard-pressed just to sew on a button these days. Cindy Fetzer from Learn To Sew Florida shows you how easy and fun sewing can be. If you'd like to give sewing a try, call Cindy at 954-962-5979 or visit http://www.learn2sewflorida.com

I did set the recorder before I left home so I have a copy of it. The only thing is I'm not allowed to share it with you on here. So come in to my shop and I'll show you my 5 minutes of fame.


I had my first week of summer camp. There were 5 girls for the week. They made some great projects. From pants with a fly zipper, a couple of tops, a couple of dresses, bags, pillows, pencil holder. Some of the girls didn't know how to use a machine on the first day and made some beautiful projects. I'm so proud of them!

Today is open sewing. I don't think I will be sewing today. This week has worn me out. I'm tired :)

Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,

Jun 16, 2007

Watch me on NBC6 "South Florida Today" Thursday Morning

Just a heads up that I'm going to be on NBC6 - South Florida Today on Thursday morning between 10:00 - 11am. Their giving me 5 minutes to talk about Learn 2 Sew live in the studio.

LIVE Webcast: South Florida Today (10 A.M.)
Watch "South Florida Today" live on the web. Live broadcast starts at 10 a.m. Monday-Friday.

You can stream it live ~ or check it out in a few days on their archive

I'm going to talk about all the classes offered, mom & me, sewing meet up club, open sewing sessions, October special Halloween costume session, December Christmas gift ideas, summer camp and as much as I can get in ~ in 5 minutes.

Wish me luck! :)

Enjoy your moments~make them "sew" much fun,

Jun 14, 2007

Bat Girl and Superman

Cami took my Monday/Wednesday class last month. She wanted to come in to learn how to make costumes. You see Cami and her friend Nick do kids parties. She wanted to make her own costumes for the parties. She has never sewn before. She is a natural at sewing. She made everything except the Superman Cape

I got these pictures and with her permission I'm sharing with you. She did a great job! I'm so proud of her.

I hear Nick makes a very good Superman if you ever need one for your birthday parties. Not bad abs either Nick! :)

Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,

Jun 10, 2007

Celebrating One Year Anniversary - Discounts on Classes

It's hard to believe but I've been open for one year. Come celebrate with me. I'm offering discounts to anyone who signs up in my shop and pays with cash from now until July 31, 2007. This offer isn't good if you pay online. You have to come in to enroll. And you have to mention this discount to receive it. I won't give it unless you say to me "Happy Anniversary-where is my discount". For more information on the website

I'm keeping this short but sweet today. I'm exhausted! Ally had her dance recital last night. She was in 4 dances and did wonderful. We went out to celebrate and didn't get home until very late.

I'll see you at Learn 2 Sew soon
Enjoy your moments ~ Make them "sew" much fun,

Jun 6, 2007

What's been going on at Learn 2 Sew

I've got all kinds of new things going on at Learn 2 Sew.

Summer camp starts next week. There are still some seats available to a few weeks. Campers will learn the sewing machine the first day and make an easy tote bag they can decorate any way they like. The rest of the week they will pick easy projects from a suggested list. Design jeans with paint, studs, beads, patches ~blue jean bag out of an old pair of pants, pencil holder from the leg of the blue jeans ~ pillows ~ blankets ~ halter top/ skirt ~ fabric belts ~ letter/card holder ~ beach hat and more.

Hollywood Sewing Meetup group will meet tonight. The group is small right now but I hope it grows to a nice size of sewing loving people next month. I'll let you know how it goes.

Now, some of the things I have made lately:

My daughter had her 7th birthday party at my shop. I've had a lot of people ask me about doing birthday parties and this was a good test. I worked hard and decided I would have to charge a lot that it wouldn't be worth offering parties. But, it was fun. We brought over her stage my husband made her a few years ago (she loves to sing and dance). I put down a runway, had a hair - makeup - jewelery stations set up, brought all her dress up and let the girls have a fashion show. I also took the girls one at a time to make an easy project with each (head scarf). I had a lot of girls come up and tell me how much fun they had. It was a lot of fun..and a lot of work too.

I made her a lot of clothes for her birthday. I only wish she would wear them :)

For my mom for mothers day. A welcome mat and card/letter holder that she can hold all the cards my kids make for her

My daughter got an award for best mini tap dancer and has been asked to be on the competition team. I made my top a couple of weeks ago and her outfit for her birthday.

I really need to take more pictures of my projects. I've made so many but have no pictures to share. I'll get better!

Enjoy your moments. Make them "sew" much fun!


Hi everyone, I thought I would start a blog that goes along with my website. This will be a way for all of us to keep in touch with one another and find out what everyone is working on.
I've been working on fathers day presents. I made a robe with sleeping shorts. I will post pictures soon.
I'm also getting ready for summer camp that starts in a couple of weeks. I have some great ideas for easy projects for the kids to make.
I'm going to keep this short for my first post. I hope this will be a fun place for all of us.
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun.