Dec 13, 2007

Lot's of new things are keeping me busy

There is only one thing I really want, time. Sometimes I can't believe how fast my hours, days, weeks go by. Can you believe we are almost to the end of the year? I'm always thankful for what I have been given but it's all going by so fast. As much as I try to take in what is given to me in each moment - the moments pass quickly.

I do wish I had more time to sew. I have so many ideas I want to do. I've been very busy with classes and helping other people complete their projects mine kinda get pushed aside until I can find a few hours to pull them out. I do have 11 hours of open sewing/sewing club per week but even then I get busy with people in the shop, answering the phone that it takes me a long time it seams to complete anything.

I told my children we were going to have a home made Christmas this year because of all the bad toys coming from China. My daughter got very upset with me after looking at all of her Hannah Montana toys she said "But Mommy, everything comes from China". A lesson for my children to pay attention to where you spend your money and how lucky they are to have the lives they do while other children make their toys for them - how we don't make much here in our country but we sure can buy a lot.

I have had the idea of making felt games since summer camp. This is the first time I've been able to make them. Thus far I have hangman, tic-tac-toe and the checkers game is almost done. I've also made my son some sleeping pants (he is growing so tall he out grew the ones I just made him a couple of months ago) and shorts for school. I'm making some Hannah Montana clothes for my daughter. She loves to play dress up. The felt games are going to be great to take on the go. My next project will be to make my mother a 2007 lap blanket with my kids pictures of each month on it. I made one last year for her, she loved it. I'm going to try to make one a year for her as my children get older.

Another refashion project - turning boy shoes into girl shoes. Actually their Heeleys which are a lot of money. He didn't wear them that much and I want to get my money's worth. I still have some more work to do on them. I don't really like how they look right now...a work in progress.

I can't tell you how much better my business is going this year from last. My classes are full this month where last year my phone hardly rang. Last year I was very busy in January after everyone got their sewing machines as gifts. I can only imagine what is to come for me. I'm very excited everyone wants to sew again. It really is a lot of fun, relaxing and a way to be proud of yourself and what you have made. Let's hope I can snap some pictures of some finished projects. There have been some wonderful things made at Learn 2 Sew.

I hope it won't be another 30 days before I post again.
Until next time...
Enjoy your moments, make them"sew" much fun,

Nov 17, 2007

When cold weather hits it's time to sew new jackets

Kids grow up fast. The clothes my son started out with a few months ago when school started are short in the legs and sleeves on him. We don't wear our winter clothes much in South Florida so when he put on his jacket for school yesterday It was really time for a new one.

Joann had the fabric on sale for $3.50 a yard. It only took 1 1/2 yard to make. I made the jacket in a few hours. It probably wouldn't have taken as long but I had a few people come in for open sewing who needed my help. I wanted to get my daughters made too but that didn't happen. So, brown for my son and purple for my daughter. My little man loves it.

Nadine has been coming in making hand bags to give away as gifts. She is recycling her fabric from her stash. She already has 4 made with 2 more to go.

Today I'm trying something new. I'm starting a pattern class in 2 four hour sessions instead of 4 two hour sessions. So many people drive an hour to take my classes. I'm tired of the oil companies making record profits while we pay record prices at the pump. I don't want to add to the problem so I'm going to try to add more 2 session classes.

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments, make them "sew" much fun,

Nov 15, 2007

Another Disney Shirt and New Window Signs

I made new signs for my window at my sewing center. I switching from paper to fabric. I used safety pins and tape to hang them in the window. The sun faded my paper signs. I used scrap fabric to make them except for the muslin I used for the background. I wanted to use muslin because when the lights are on inside you can see through the sign for easy reading.

Terri also came back to make another Disney shirt. I think her nemo button down came out really cute. She is going to make them for the rest of her family so on their next visit to the park they will all be dressed the same.

Until next time....
Enjoy your moments, make them "sew" much fun,

Nov 9, 2007

Tuesday Night Sewing Class Follow Up

I have been very busy lately with getting my merchant account up and running so I can accept charge cards and getting ready for the holiday season that is around the corner. My kids have also kept me busy with all their school projects.

Last Tuesday was the last night of this pattern class. I wanted to do a follow up from the first night 4 weeks ago. We started with 5 people and ended with 4. Two people didn't return after the first night and one joined the last couple of classes.

They did finish the projects at the end of class. I only wish I could have taken out my camera before they walked out the door. I got busy talking but did pull it out during class when everyone was busy at work.

Today is open sewing. I have a few people coming in to sew with me. I'm still busy making fabric signs for my front window. I'm changing seasons from Halloween to the winter holiday's. My little man also needs some new pants and shorts. He is growing so tall all the clothes he started school with are short on him. Pictures to come soon of my window signs.

I have a machine class tomorrow. My classes are starting to slow down. We all get consumed this time of year with with other things. I have some great things planned in the next couple of months. I just need to find the time to do it all. There is never enough time. If there was one thing I wish I had more of was time.

Until next time.
Enjoy your moments, make them "sew" much fun,

Nov 6, 2007

Learning to sew while making Disney clothes

This student has taken my class twice making the shame shirt both times. She wanted to understand the pattern before she moved on to another project.

She and her husband go to Disney several times a year. She wants to make clothing to wear to the park. She also made patches to sew on jeans using faces from it's a small world.

She signed up to the Mon/Wed class last night and started another style of top, a button down shirt.

I have the last Tuesday class tonight. We started with 5 people. Only 3 came last week so I'm not sure what pictures I'll be taking of the finished products for you all to see. I am amazed all the time how many people sign up to take classes and never bother to show up. Sometimes they don't show up to the first class out of the four so I know it's not me. What's up with that? Part of sewing is following through to complete your project. Persistence and following through with what you started makes you good at sewing. It's how you learn, never give up.

Until next time...
Enjoy your moments, make them "sew" much fun,

Oct 26, 2007

Sewing Machines For Sale

I've been building my business in baby steps. Last week I was authorized to sell Singer sewing machines and equipment. I placed my first order on Wednesday and my machines arrived on Monday. I'm offering 3 different machines along with a serger machine. I'm also selling their body form.

I'm selling my Brothers and Simplicity machines at a really good price. I'm only going to use Singer to teach my class. You can come in and try the machines. If you like them you can buy one...or two :)

All the information along with pictures about the machines I have offered are on my website if you are interested.

I also started a merchant account to help sell my new machines. I have to hook up all the equipment they sent me so I can accept charge cards in my sewing center.

Things are moving right along with my business. I'm setting goals for myself and meeting those goals. Not in the time I would like to do them in but hey, I'm mom first....and boy do my kids keep me busy!

Today is Open Sewing Friday - I love Friday's !! I have to finish a few things on the kids Halloween costumes. (Wednesday is Halloween). I also have a new sign to make for my front window "Sewing Machines Sold Here". Several people told me they were coming in today to sew with me. I is raining here which kinda keeps people away so I will see how many show up. Remember - Open Sewing is only $5 per hour. I'm there all day, come and sew as long as you want.

Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,

Oct 23, 2007

Kids Sewing Class

I run my kids class every other month. Here is a student who is taking the class this month.

This week in school is red ribbon week when the kids say no to drugs. The pants were made in a little over an hour which gave us time to make a headband to match.

Her first week we used old blue jeans to make a purse.

Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,

Oct 17, 2007

Tuesday Night Sewing Class

A new Pattern Class started last night. There are 5 people taking the class.

I'm starting something new - I'm going to take pictures of the before and after of the projects to inspire all of you to sew more. There are so many different projects that are sewn here. This time we have all clothing.






The patterns got cut out last night. A couple of people need to return to the fabric store for interfacing or liner fabric. They sometimes hide things in the instructions for what is needed to make the view your making.

We also found several mistakes in the patterns which can make it very frustrating when your learning. Believe it or not the Jacket pattern had one side of the instructions for this pattern and on the flip side of the paper was printed another patterns instructions. Another mistake was in the number on the pattern. They had listed you needed number 4 but the piece they were talking about had number 9 on it.

I'll be back next week to give you the progress on these projects.

Enjoy your moments, make them "sew" much fun,

Oct 12, 2007

Another Halloween Costume "Luke, Use The Force"

May the force be with you.

My son loves Star Wars. He's watching it right now. I put a smile on his face when I brought home his Halloween Costume. I finished it during Open Sewing today. Another fun project to sew. I think I'm still going to tweak a few things. He's noticing the differences between what I made and what he is seeing on TV. He's telling me how to do it :) Cute - huh? I made the belt so he can hang his life saver on it.

My 3 classes are busy tomorrow. There have been some really cute things made. Sometimes I'm very surprised how creative some people can be. I love teaching them things that make them that much better.

I'm not sure what my next project's going to be. Probably some holiday something or other. :)
Until then...

Enjoy your moments, make them "sew"much fun,

Oct 1, 2007

Time to sew Halloween Costumes

My daughter wants to be a cheerleader for Halloween. I'm glad she changed her mind. She wanted to be Hannah Montana at first. I didn't think people would know what she was just wearing a blond wig so she decided to be a cheerleader..YEAH!
She picked out her pattern (sewing for dummies - very easy) and fabric. She wanted it her school colors with her school name on the front. I was able to cut it out last week before one of my classes and finished sewing it yesterday. It needs a few adjustments but she loves it. I need to make pompoms for her too.

My son wants to be Luke Skywalker from Star Wars for Halloween. He's will be easy - white pants and top with brown belt and brown boots. I'm going to make his belt where he can put his life saver on it. Stay tune for the pictures.

My classes have been busy, some have been full. I'm real bad about taking pictures during class. I get so busy helping before I know it the class is over and people are leaving before I remember. I did have one student make a Halloween pumpkin dress for her daughter. The other people in the class made some amazing projects too. One was a blue dress that was sewn so perfect for a first time sewer. I really have to remember to pull out the camera for more pictures to share with all of you.

Until next time....
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew"much fun,

Sep 14, 2007

Another refashioned T-shirt

Today was open sewing. It was a slow day I believe because of the holiday being yesterday and with kids out of school. I was able to do a lot of sewing. One of the things I made was another t-shirt refashion. I just cut off the top, added straps. The fun part was doing the peace signs. I think I'm going to make a handbag and put peace signs like this on it. Another project for another day. I also made some business card holders to give away..I'll tell you about that at a later date but for now here are the pictures of my new shirt.

Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,

Sep 8, 2007

Sewing after Labor Day

It's been a couple of weeks since I've had time to sew. The kids are back to school which means the hours of homework. I'm back to my regular schedule of mornings and evenings. Classes on Monday morning - Monday/Wednesday evening class, Thursday evening class and 3 classes on Saturday. Open sewing is every Wednesday morning and all day Friday. Yesterday was Friday I got to sew.

I finished a top that my daughter started. She told me she will wear it to school tomorrow. I also made a few more things for the sewing center. Another machine cover. I want to make each station a holder for implements to slide in. I think that will be my next project before I start sewing Halloween costumes.

A few other things I've made around the shop are a hanger for the summer camp pictures and a rug. It's all fun

I have a busy day today. There's a full learn the machine class at 12:30 and a full pattern class that started last week. I'm finishing up the kids class this morning. I'll take pictures and share their progress with you.

Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun

Aug 23, 2007

Pictures as promised - 3 shorts and a concert Tshirt

I'm really happy I made shorts. I really needed some new pairs. It's so hot here in South Florida. As soon as you walk out the door of the AC you can feel the heat slap you in the face.
So, here's the 3 pair of shorts I made from old shorts that I just loved.

I like the way my concert t-shirt turned out too. I cut out the front and back of the neckline. Added some red fabric to finish the edge that you can only see on the inside. I cut the sleeves off. Made a seam and took in under the arms because it was to wide. I gathered the sleeves and reattached them to the shirt. Then I used some bias tape under the arm to finish the raw edge. I like the way it hangs off the shoulders.

I'm going to do a lot more refashion to the clothes hanging in my closet I never wear. Why spend the money on new clothes when I can make new from the old. Recycle ...the way to go.

It's been a slow week at the sewing center. I have a couple seats left to Saturdays Machine and Pattern Class. ~ School started this week which is keeping people from signing up to classes. I'm happy I've been slow because I've had car problems this week. In fact my car is sitting in front of my shop right now because I couldn't get it started last night when I closed. Things happen for a reason.....

I have some things I want to sew for the sewing center. I'll be back to share my new sewing projects. Until then...

Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,

Aug 19, 2007

Last week at Learn 2 Sew

Last week was another fun week. We finished up our Monday/Wednesday Pattern Class. We made a dress, three tops, shorts and a skirt.

Michelle made a skirt with a matching top

Ariela, who's taken my class several times now, made a top and shorts.

Mother and Daughter, Anne and Ali also took my class before when I first opened. They came back to make more projects. Anne made a dress while Ali made a top.

I didn't take pictures of their projects - sorry. I have to get better with my camera. Like pulling it out to take pictures. Sometimes I get so busy during the class I forget to take them - or - my camera needs new batteries.

On Friday I got to do more sewing. I finished another pair of shorts, refashioned my Joe Satriani concert Tshirt and put a new zipper in some shorts for my mother. I had a few people come in and sew with me. Pictures of my projects to come hopefully tomorrow.

I did get to tape up Luiza to make her a body double. I had another girl come in yesterday for the same thing. It's nice to have your own body shape while you construct your clothes. Things fit you much better. The only thing she has to do is stuff it and put it on a stand if she wants.

Luiza also came in a couple of weeks ago and made this dress. It looks really good on her.

Kids start school tomorrow. I'm back to my morning and evening schedule. Open Sewing starts again on Wednesday mornings from 10am to 1pm. I have a clothing construction class starting tomorrow from 6-8, a machine and pattern class starting on Saturday. As always you can enroll online at under the class/enrollment page.

My kids are so excited about school tomorrow. One is still awake. I better go get them to sleep or they will never wake up in the morning.

Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,

Aug 12, 2007

What We've been sewing

Remember I told you about the shorts I loved so much I had to make a new pair - so I took a seam ripper to them and pulled all the pieces apart. I cut out 2 from different fabric.

They came out great and fit really well. I love wearing them that I'm going to make another pair. Pictrues to come soon.

I also refashioned a couple of shirts. I've been wearing orange on Friday's. If you want to know why you will have to research it :) It is very hot here in SoFlo. I don't need long sleeve shirts.... so I cut the sleeves off a button down I love. It was given to me years ago. I love the color but haven't worn it much.

And I have a concert Tshirt I'm going to refashion. More to come on this project. I can't wait to finish it!! I love it the way it is - I'm going to love what I'm going to do.

Ally also has been sewing. She made a top, belt and arm warmers. OK, I did some if the sewing for her. She says she can't do circles. I tell her if you say you can't do it, you can't. If you practice you will get better but you have to practice first. She still said "will you do it Mommy?" :)

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,